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Linfei Yang, Xiao Yu and Yongchao Yang

(frozen tissue) or room temperature (paraffin samples) for expression analysis by quantitative reverse transcriptase PCR, Western blot and/or immunohistochemistry. None of the patients had received radiotherapy or chemotherapy prior to surgery. The

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M L Gild, M Bullock, C K Pon, B G Robinson and R J Clifton-Bligh

protein expression in western blots. TT and MZ-CRC-1 cells were plated at a density of 70%. The following day, cells were treated with increasing concentrations of AUY922 and then harvested for protein 24 h later. Following treatment with AUY922, RET

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T S Nilsen, L Thorsen, C Kirkegaard, I Ugelstad, S D Fosså and T Raastad

/mL. Protein standard curve and samples were analysed in triplicate; standard curve: r 2 >0.9. Western blot Equal amount of protein (10–40 μg per well, depending on the fraction loaded) was loaded and separated by precast NuPAGE Novex 4–12% Bis

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Ishita Gupta, Allal Ouhtit, Adil Al-Ajmi, Syed Gauhar A Rizvi, Hamad Al-Riyami, Marwa Al-Riyami and Yahya Tamimi

expression of BRIP1 was analyzed in each molecular subtype, using the comparative CT method. Western blot Western blot was performed in breast cancer cell lines and tissue samples (42 tumor samples and 21 benign samples). Samples were lysed in

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Fan Zhang, Jian Chen, Xinyue Lin, Shiqiao Peng, Xiaohui Yu, Zhongyan Shan and Weiping Teng

detect total thyroxine (TT4) and thyroid-stimulating hormone (TSH) levels. Six to eight pups from each group on PND7 were decapitated on ice and the cerebral cortex was removed for Western blotting. The remaining pups were raised to PND39 and subjected to

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Wei Li, Qing Huang, Danyang Sun, Guizhi Zhang and Jian Tan

to as shCtrl. shCtrl has no homology to any known human genes. K1 and TPC1 cells were infected with sh RDM1 and shCtrl, respectively. The interference efficiency of the template was detected by the Western blot analysis. For lentivirus

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Tingting Jia, Ya-nan Wang, Dongjiao Zhang and Xin Xu

of phenol in the gauge well and the protein concentration. Western blotting After adding RIPA buffer (Solarbio, China), cells were lysed and followed by centrifugation at 4°C, 14,167  g for 15 min. The supernatant was collected and the

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Erika Peverelli, Federica Ermetici, Sabrina Corbetta, Ettore Gozzini, Laura Avagliano, Marco A Zappa, Gaetano Bulfamante, Paolo Beck-Peccoz, Anna Spada and Giovanna Mantovani

, a nontargeting sequence that has no significant homology to the sequence of human, mouse, or rat transcripts, was used in each experiment. siRNA against GAPDH was used as an internal positive control. Western blot analysis was carried out in each

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Selina Mäkinen, Yen H Nguyen, Paulina Skrobuk and Heikki A Koistinen

[ 3 H]-2-deoxy- d -glucose (100 mCi/mmol). Myotubes were washed with ice-cold PBS and lysed in 0.4 M NaOH for 3 h on a rotating platform. Radioactivity of the cell lysate was measured in a scintillation counter. Western blot analysis Myotubes

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Stefan Schulz, Anika Mann, Benjamin Novakhov, Hugh D Piggins and Amelie Lupp

VPAC2 receptors exhibit similar affinities for VIP and PACAP (1, 2, 3) . Earlier, mRNA, Western blotting and immunohistochemical studies have shown that VIP/PACAP receptors are expressed in the great majority of the most frequently occurring human