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T Grimmichova, M Haluzik, K Vondra, P Matucha and M Hill

level in NDM 2.02 (CI 95% 1.79–2.26) vs PDM 4.17 (CI 95% 2.5–6.91) ( P  = 0.028). In general, the PDM/T2DM group of patients had higher values of glycemia, Hb1Ac and HOMA-IR ( P < 0.001). The patients with T2DM had larger thyroid gland volume ( P  = 0

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Anping Su, Yanping Gong, Wenshuang Wu, Rixiang Gong, Zhihui Li and Jingqiang Zhu

overall costs of thyroid surgery, but also accounts for the main category of thyroidectomy-related claims ( 7 , 8 ). Hypoparathyroidism is caused by injury to the parathyroid glands from ligation of the blood supply, inadvertent or deliberate removal

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Joanna Klubo-Gwiezdzinska, John Costello Jr, Kirk Jensen, Aneeta Patel, Rok Tkavc, Douglas Van Nostrand, Kenneth D Burman, Leonard Wartofsky and Vasyl Vasko

also were examined in patients receiving high-dose RAI therapy ( 3 , 9 ). It has been reported that parenchymal damage in salivary glands induced by high-dose radioiodine treatment can be significantly reduced by amifostine in patients with thyroid

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Caroline Serrano-Nascimento, Rafael Barrera Salgueiro, Kaio Fernando Vitzel, Thiago Pantaleão, Vânia Maria Corrêa da Costa and Maria Tereza Nunes

production is essential to the initial steps of fetal development that depend on TH action, especially because the fetal thyroid gland is fully developed only in the second trimester of gestation. The increased requirement of iodine intake during pregnancy

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Xuan Luo, Tingting Zheng, Chaoming Mao, Xin Dong, Xiao Mou, Chengcheng Xu, Qingyan Lu, Baocui Liu, Shengjun Wang and Yichuan Xiao

cultivated in RPMI-1640 (Gibco) supplemented with 10% foetal bovine serum and 2 mM L-glutamine (Biological Industries, Kibbutz Beit Haemek, Israel). Thyroid glands were obtained from 6 patients with HT who underwent thyroidectomy. HT diagnosis was made based

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Luca Persani, Biagio Cangiano and Marco Bonomi

Introduction Central hypothyroidism (CeH) is a rare and heterogenous hypothyroid condition resulting from an insufficient stimulation of an otherwise normal thyroid gland by the hypophyseal thyrotropin hormone (TSH). This loss of central

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Jia Liu, Min Liu, Zhe Chen, Yumei Jia and Guang Wang

myocardial edema than conventional T2-weighted value ( 16 , 17 ). AIT is characterized by lymphocytic infiltration in the thyroid gland ( 1 ). T lymphocytes infiltrated in the thyroid induce edema and apoptosis of thyroid follicular cells by cell

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Susana Pastor, Abdelmounaim Akdi, Eddy R González, Juan Castell, Josefina Biarnés, Ricard Marcos and Antonia Velázquez

, 12) . Polymorphic variations in the FOXE1 and NKX2-1 genes, both involved in thyroid function and development of the thyroid gland, have also been reported to be associated with the risk of thyroid cancer (10, 13, 14) . Furthermore, common

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Aaron Lerner, Patricia Jeremias and Torsten Matthias

Introduction Hashimoto's thyroiditis Hashimoto’s thyroiditis (HT) is one of the most common autoimmune endocrine diseases, characterized by an autoimmune-mediated destruction of the thyroid gland. Initially considered a rarity, HT has now

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Eugenie S Lim, Shanty G Shah, Mona Waterhouse, Scott Akker, William Drake, Nick Plowman, Daniel M Berney, Polly Richards, Ashok Adams, Ewa Nowosinska, Carmel Brennan and Maralyn Druce

available. Standard patient data collected included patient demographics (age and gender), preoperative investigation findings (thyroid function tests analysed by immunoradiometric assay and ultrasound scan of the thyroid gland) and preoperative cytology, as