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Marra Jai Aghajani, Tara Laurine Roberts, Tao Yang, Charles Eugenio McCafferty, Nicole J Caixeiro, Paul DeSouza and Navin Niles

reduce patient exposure to avoidable toxicities, and the financial burden of these therapies on healthcare systems. Elevated sPD-L1 has recently been identified as a poor prognostic factor in several cancer types, including multiple myeloma, diffuse

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V Kenan Çelik, Sercan Kapancık, Turgut Kaçan, Selen Baloglu Kaçan, Serkan Kapancık and Hasan Kılıçgün

kinase ( 17 ) and casein kinase II (CKII) ( 18 ). All of them are regulated by polyamines. The putrescine, the precursor of spermidine and spermine molecules, is mainly synthesized from L-arginine by two different chemical reactions ( Fig. 1 ). Regulation