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Yuan Fang, Xuehong Zhang, Huilin Xu, Stephanie A Smith-Warner, Dongli Xu, Hong Fang and Wang Hong Xu

retrospective cohort study based on a standardized T2DM management system in Shanghai, China, we estimated the risk of cancer, overall and by site, by the time since diagnoses in Chinese patients newly diagnosed with T2DM, to evaluate the influence of T2DM on

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Dirk-Jan van Beek, Rachel S van Leeuwaarde, Carolina R C Pieterman, Menno R Vriens, Gerlof D Valk and the DutchMEN Study Group

informed consent The study protocol for the DMSG database and subsequent studies was approved by the Medical Ethical Committees of all UMCs in the Netherlands. The requirement to obtain individual informed consent was waived because of the retrospective

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Xi Wang and Qi Yu

objective of our study was to evaluate the safety and efficacy of letrozole in girls with progressive PP associated with MAS. Materials and methods This was a single-centre, retrospective analysis of subjects treated at Peking Union Medical College

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Xinlei Chen, Liru Hu, Caojie Liu, Guangcheng Ni and Yuwei Zhang

populations were quite small ( 6 , 10 ). Thus, the aim of this retrospective study is to generalize the commonalities of incidentaloma in PPGL from a large cohort with regard to their tumor characteristics, perioperative outcomes and prognoses, while

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Elin Kahlert, Martina Blaschke, Knut Brockmann, Clemens Freiberg, Onno E Janssen, Nikolaus Stahnke, Domenika Strik, Martin Merkel, Alexander Mann, Klaus-Peter Liesenkötter and Heide Siggelkow

excluded from the study ( n  = 20). Laboratory parameters Laboratory parameters were collected from the medical records retrospectively from the most recent time point of presentation (between 2001 and 2017). If different units for thyroid values

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Amir Bashkin, Eliran Yaakobi, Marina Nodelman and Ohad Ronen

The study was approved by the institutional review board (registration number: NHR009914) that granted exemption from informed consent due to the retrospective design of the study. The study is a retrospective study of data of patients from the six

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Jes Sloth Mathiesen, Jens Peter Kroustrup, Peter Vestergaard, Per Løgstrup Poulsen, Åse Krogh Rasmussen, Ulla Feldt-Rasmussen, Sten Schytte, Stefano Christian Londero, Henrik Baymler Pedersen, Christoffer Holst Hahn, Jens Bentzen, Sören Möller, Mette Gaustadnes, Maria Rossing, Finn Cilius Nielsen, Kim Brixen, Christian Godballe and Danish Thyroid Cancer Group (DATHYRCA)

. Patients and methods Patients This retrospective cohort study included 191 unique patients diagnosed with MTC in Denmark between January 1, 1997, and December 31, 2014. An MTC cohort, initially comprising 476 patients diagnosed with MTC in Denmark

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Manjunath Goroshi, Swati S Jadhav, Vijaya Sarathi, Anurag R Lila, Virendra A Patil, Ravikumar Shah, Priya Hira, Rajaram Sharma, Shettepppa Goroshi, Gwendolyn Fernandes, Amey Rojekar, Abhay Dalvi, Ganesh Bakshi, Gagan Prakash, Nalini S Shah and Tushar R Bandgar

retrospective cohort of patients with adrenal masses who had undergone multiphase CECT of adrenals. Materials and methods Patients The study was conducted at a tertiary health care institute from Western India. The study was approved by the Seth GSMC

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Manjeetkaur Sehemby, Prachi Bansal, Vijaya Sarathi, Ashwini Kolhe, Kanchan Kothari, Swati Jadhav-Ramteke, Anurag R Lila, Tushar Bandgar and Nalini S Shah

reports and series reporting single pathological type. In this study, we analyzed the clinical, hormonal, radiological, histopathological, management and outcome data of the VOTs. Methods This retrospective study was conducted at the Department of

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Magaly Zappa, Olivia Hentic, Marie-Pierre Vullierme, Matthieu Lagadec, Maxime Ronot, Philippe Ruszniewski and Valérie Vilgrain

used imaging modality in oncology. Patients and methods Patient selection This was a retrospective study and a waiver was obtained from the institutional review board. From 2013 to 2014, all patients referred to our institution with a