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Shruti Khare, Anurag R Lila, Hiren Patt, Chaitanya Yerawar, Manjunath Goroshi, Tushar Bandgar, and Nalini S Shah

carried out by chemiluminescence assay (Advia Centaur CP). Intraassay and interassay coefficients of variation were less than 8 and 10% respectively, for all hormonal evaluation. Treatment and responsiveness At our institute, medical therapy with

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Tao Yuan, Lanping Jiang, Chen Chen, Xiaoyan Peng, Min Nie, Xuemei Li, Xiaoping Xing, Xuewang Li, and Limeng Chen

.1016/0026-0495(80)90074-8 ) 20 Sagild U Andersen V Andreasen PB. Glucose tolerance and insulin responsiveness in experimental potassium depletion . Acta Medica Scandinavica 1961 169 243 – 251 . ( doi:10.1111/j.0954-6820.1961.tb07829.x ) 21 Chambers EC

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Yue-Yue Wang, Qian Wu, Lu Chen, Wen Chen, Tao Yang, Xiao-Quan Xu, Fei-Yun Wu, Hao Hu, and Huan-Huan Chen

evaluate the value of the MRI texture features in predicting responsiveness to GC therapy in patients with active and moderate-to-severe TAO. Materials and methods Patients This study was approved by the Ethics Committee of the First Affiliated

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Huifei Sophia Zheng, Jeffrey G Daniel, Julia M Salamat, Laci Mackay, Chad D Foradori, Robert J Kemppainen, Satyanarayana R Pondugula, Ya-Xiong Tao, and Chen-Che Jeff Huang

); D, Dex-treated group ( in vivo ). Figure 3 In the in vivo 1-h dexamethasone treatment, the upregulated genes and the downregulated genes were linked to different functions and different groups of cells. (A) Venn diagram comparing Dex-responsive

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Christos Tsatsanis, Angel Elenkov, Irene Leijonhufvud, Katerina Vaporidi, Åsa Tivesten, and Aleksander Giwercman

these samples, the lowest detection limit value was attributed to allow statistical analysis. To determine the direct contribution of sex hormones on the responsiveness of peripheral blood cells to a pro-inflammatory stimulus such as this from Gram

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Amarjit Saini, Linda Björkhem-Bergman, Johan Boström, Mats Lilja, Michael Melin, Karl Olsson, Lena Ekström, Peter Bergman, Mikael Altun, Eric Rullman, and Thomas Gustafsson

differential expression using moderated t-statistics in edgeR. The analysis rendered P values, logFC differences between groups and FDR values. Data-driven, clustering of observations was explored using the Rtsne package ( 31 ). Presence of VDR-responsive

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L Ahlkvist, K Brown, and B Ahrén

experiments that the incretin effect, i.e., the augmented insulin secretion seen after oral vs i.v. glucose, is increased in insulin-resistant mice (3) and that the β-cell responsiveness to intravenous glucagon-like peptide-1 (GLP1) is augmented (3, 4

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I Savchuk, M L Morvan, J P Antignac, K Gemzell-Danielsson, B Le Bizec, O Söder, and K Svechnikov

capacity of the HFA to produce potent androgen DHT via conventional and/or the backdoor pathway(s) at the end of the first trimester, when androgen-responsive organs are developed. Furthermore, due to limited access to appropriate material for research

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Adrian F Daly, David A Cano, Eva Venegas-Moreno, Patrick Petrossians, Elena Dios, Emilie Castermans, Alvaro Flores-Martínez, Vincent Bours, Albert Beckers, and Alfonso Soto-Moreno

:// ) 19556287 10.1677/ERC-09-0094 37 Iacovazzo D Carlsen E Lugli F Chiloiro S Piacentini S Bianchi A Giampietro A Mormando M Clear AJ Doglietto F , et al . Factors predicting pasireotide responsiveness in somatotroph pituitary

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Mark J C van Treijen, Catharina M Korse, Wieke H Verbeek, Margot E T Tesselaar, and Gerlof D Valk

who develop PD exhibit elevated scores. Elevated results have important predictive value for treatment responsiveness and could be used for individualizing decisions on systemic therapy, but validation is needed. The clinical value of elevated scores