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Simonetta Piana, Eleonora Zanetti, Alessandra Bisagni, Alessia Ciarrocchi, Davide Giordano, Federica Torricelli, Teresa Rossi and Moira Ragazzi

) and six were hyalinizing trabecular tumors (HTT). The remaining were malignant lesions. 68.1% were classical well-differentiated thyroid cancers, papillary thyroid carcinoma (PTC, n  = 48, 54.5%) and follicular thyroid carcinoma (FTC, n  = 12, 13

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Marra Jai Aghajani, Tara Laurine Roberts, Tao Yang, Charles Eugenio McCafferty, Nicole J Caixeiro, Paul DeSouza and Navin Niles

). Differentiated thyroid cancers (DTC; both papillary (PTC) and follicular (FTC) histologies), derived from thyroid follicular cells, are the most common subtype, accounting for approximately 90% of all newly diagnosed cases ( 2 ). Standard of care for these

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Ana P Estrada-Flórez, Mabel E Bohórquez, Alejandro Vélez, Carlos S Duque, Jorge H Donado, Gilbert Mateus, Cesar Panqueba-Tarazona, Guadalupe Polanco-Echeverry, Ruta Sahasrabudhe, Magdalena Echeverry and Luis G Carvajal-Carmona

Introduction In the United States and several other countries, the incidence of papillary thyroid cancer (PTC) has significantly increased in recent decades ( 1 ). PTC is now the second most commonly diagnosed malignancy among US Latinas ( 2

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Marco Marino, Valentina Cirello, Valentina Gnarini, Carla Colombo, Elisa Pignatti, Livio Casarini, Chiara Diazzi, Vincenzo Rochira, Katia Cioni, Bruno Madeo, Cesare Carani, Manuela Simoni and Laura Fugazzola

Introduction Thyroid cancers can be well-differentiated, as papillary and follicular subtypes, or poorly differentiated and anaplastic carcinomas. Papillary thyroid carcinoma (PTC) represents up to 80% of all the thyroid cancer cases. Various

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Mubashir Mulla and Klaus-Martin Schulte

Introduction Papillary thyroid cancer (PTC) is the most common thyroid cancer. Metastases from PTC most commonly involve the cervical lymph nodes (CLNs). The incidence of CLN metastases (CLNM) is reported between 30 and 80% (1, 2) . Some studies

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Norra Kwong, Ellen Marqusee, Michael S Gordon, P Reed Larsen, Jeffrey R Garber, Matthew I Kim and Erik K Alexander

affiliated institutions. Criteria used for identification included the following. All patients were initially diagnosed with well-differentiated thyroid cancer (papillary or follicular carcinoma), confirmed histopathologically following thyroidectomy. Distant

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Dario de Biase, Federica Torricelli, Moira Ragazzi, Benedetta Donati, Elisabetta Kuhn, Michela Visani, Giorgia Acquaviva, Annalisa Pession, Giovanni Tallini, Simonetta Piana and Alessia Ciarrocchi

die within 1 year from diagnosis. Well-differentiated papillary thyroid cancers (PTCs) are considered indolent tumors, with slow rate of growth, low metastatic potential and excellent prognosis (10-year patient survival rate up to 95%) ( 4 , 5

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June Young Choi, Jin Wook Yi, Jun Hyup Lee, Ra-Yeong Song, Hyeongwon Yu, Hyungju Kwon, Young Jun Chai, Su-jin Kim and Kyu Eun Lee

( s.e.m. )). Figure 1 VDR mRNA expression counts in normal and papillary thyroid carcinoma tissue. (A) Fifty-nine paired normal and cancer tissues. (B) 59 normal vs 501 cancer tissues. Correlations of VDR mRNA expression according

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Andrea Mazurat, Andrea Torroni, Jane Hendrickson-Rebizant, Harbinder Benning, Richard W Nason and K Alok Pathak

papillary thyroid cancer (follicular-3, Hürthle cell-3, medullary-2, poorly differentiated-1), while one patient had a metachronous second papillary carcinoma in the contralateral thyroid lobe, 25 years after initial management. The median tumor size was 20

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Wei Li, Qing Huang, Danyang Sun, Guizhi Zhang and Jian Tan

Introduction Papillary thyroid carcinoma (PTC) is the most common subtype of thyroid cancer. In 2008, the incidence of thyroid cancer was 1.4/100,000, and it accounts for 0.8% of all malignancies in China (0.4% of those in men, 1.3% in women