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Magaly Zappa, Olivia Hentic, Marie-Pierre Vullierme, Matthieu Lagadec, Maxime Ronot, Philippe Ruszniewski and Valérie Vilgrain

grouped as gastroenteropancreatic neuroendocrine tumours, or GEP-NETs. They are frequently metastasised at diagnosis, and the liver is the most common site of metastases ( 1 ). The presence of liver metastases is a significant negative prognostic factor

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Małgorzata Fuksiewicz, Maria Kowalska, Agnieszka Kolasińska-Ćwikła, Jarosław B Ćwikła, Łukasz Sawicki, Katarzyna Roszkowska-Purska, Joanna Drygiel and Beata Kotowicz

distant metastases (M1) (NENs of the pancreas P  = 0.006, NENs of the small intestine P  = 0.001) than in the subjects without distant metastases (M0). In patients with the baseline liver involvement, significantly higher CgA concentrations ( P  = 0

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Katherine Van Loon, Li Zhang, Jennifer Keiser, Cendy Carrasco, Katherine Glass, Maria-Teresa Ramirez, Sarah Bobiak, Eric K Nakakura, Alan P Venook, Manisha H Shah and Emily K Bergsland

tumor, the presence or absence of liver metastases, and the presence or absence of bone metastases were abstracted from the medical records. For patients who were identified as having any bone metastases, date of detection, date of first reported

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Myrtille Fouché, Yves Bouffard, Mary-Charlotte Le Goff, Johanne Prothet, François Malavieille, Pierre Sagnard, Françoise Christin, Davy Hayi-Slayman, Arnaud Pasquer, Gilles Poncet, Thomas Walter and Thomas Rimmelé

preoperative continuous octreotide were included. Patients operated for other neuroendocrine tumour location, hepatic metastases only or not receiving our octreotide administration regimen were not included. Perioperative octreotide administration

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Kranti Khadilkar, Vijaya Sarathi, Rajeev Kasaliwal, Reshma Pandit, Manjunath Goroshi, Gaurav Malhotra, Abhay Dalvi, Ganesh Bakshi, Anil Bhansali, Rajesh Rajput, Vyankatesh Shivane, Anurag Lila, Tushar Bandgar and Nalini S Shah

developed metachronous metastases after a median follow-up period of 17.5 months (range: 12–48 months). Synchronous metastases were common in bones, lungs and liver, whereas in patients with metachronous metastases, apart from bones, lungs and liver, five

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Shan Wu, Jianjun Zhou, Jing Guo, Zhan Hua, Jianchen Li and Zai Wang

were calculated by SPSS ver.13.0 (SPSS Inc.) and were used for data analysis. The number of liver metastases was assessed by counting surface tumor nodules on the liver with a dissecting microscope ( 25 ). Student’s t test was used for calculating the

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B C M Hermans, J L Derks, H J M Groen, J A Stigt, R J van Suylen, L M Hillen, E C van den Broek, E J M Speel and A-M C Dingemans

metastases have a Ki-67 PI in this category. G1, grade 1; LCNEC, large cell neuroendocrine carcinoma; NET, neuroendocrine tumor; SCLC, small-cell lung carcinoma. In contrast to these high grade neuroendocrine carcinomas, a subgroup of NSCLC presents

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Kosmas Daskalakis, Marina Tsoli, Anna Angelousi, Evanthia Kassi, Krystallenia I Alexandraki, Denise Kolomodi, Gregory Kaltsas and Anna Koumarianou

.680 Inheritance Sporadic Familial (MEN1) 67 6 17 2 0.751 Primary tumour site Pancreas Small intestinal Lung/thymus Unknown primary (UPO) 42 19 7 5 15 2 0 2 0.188 Liver Tumour load No liver metastases <5 unilobar liver metastases 5

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K G Samsom, L M van Veenendaal, G D Valk, M R Vriens, M E T Tesselaar and J G van den Berg

.1. – – Edfeldt et al 2011 19 SI-NETs ( n  = 18), lymph node metastases ( n  = 17), liver metastases ( n  = 7) Gene expression arrays, qPCR Three clusters of gene expression profiles were identified distinguishing primary tumours (11/18) from lymph

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Ashley K Clift, Omar Faiz, Robert Goldin, John Martin, Harpreet Wasan, Marc-Olaf Liedke, Erik Schloericke, Anna Malczewska, Guido Rindi, Mark Kidd, Irvin M Modlin and Andrea Frilling

grade  G1 62 (88.6)  G2 6 (8.6)  G3 2 (2.8) Tumour stage  T 1–4 N 0 M 0 7 (10)  T 1–4 N 1 M 0 19 (27.1)  T 1–4 N 0 M 1 1 (1.4)  T 1–4 N 1 M 1 43 (61.4) Liver metastases  Yes