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Nikolaj Rittig, Mads Svart, Niels Jessen, Niels Møller, Holger J Møller and Henning Grønbæk

biopsies ( Fig. 3 ). Figure 3 Lipid metabolism and sCD163. Data are presented as dot plots showing (A) plasma concentrations of free fatty acids (FFAs), (B) lipid oxidation rates, (C) rate of appearance for palmitat (Ra palmitat ), (D) ratio of

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Julie Smith, Jan Fahrenkrug, Henrik L Jørgensen, Christina Christoffersen and Jens P Goetze

acids, glycerol, and insulin in serum Enzymatic kits were used to determine serum concentrations of triglycerides (TGs) and glycerol (GPO-TRINDER; Sigma) and free fatty acids (FFA) (WAKO NEFA C Kit; TriChem Aps, Frederikssund, Denmark). Five microlitre

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Leanne Hodson and Fredrik Karpe

insulin resistance rather than liver fat content . Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism 2019 1855 – 1865. ( ) 11 Svedberg J Bjorntorp P Smith U Lonnroth P . Free-fatty acid inhibition of

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Selina Mäkinen, Yen H Nguyen, Paulina Skrobuk and Heikki A Koistinen

switched to differentiation medium containing 2% FBS for 5–7 days. The cells were serum starved for 2 h before any treatment in low-glucose DMEM supplemented with 0.5% fatty acid-free BSA and 4 mM l -glutamine. All chemical treatments were prepared in

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Arpna Sharma, Vijay Simha Baddela, Frank Becker, Dirk Dannenberger, Torsten Viergutz and Jens Vanselow

combination on steroidogenesis, cell proliferation and apoptosis in an in vitro bovine GC culture model might contribute to our understanding of the collective effects of elevated free fatty acid concentrations during NEB on bovine reproduction. Thus, in the

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Göran Oleröd, Lillemor Mattsson Hultén, Ola Hammarsten and Eva Klingberg

metabolites, but other roles for the protein have been described, such as the binding of fatty acids and endotoxins, chemotactic effects on neutrophil granulocytes, activating of macrophages and the sequestration of actin upon tissue damage ( 6 ). As the serum

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Renea A Taylor, Jennifer Lo, Natasha Ascui and Matthew J Watt

series: Patient-Oriented Research. Free fatty acid metabolism in human obesity . Journal of Lipid Research 2006 47 1643 – 1650 . ( doi:10.1194/jlr.R600011-JLR200 ). 77 Boren J Taskinen MR Olofsson SO Levin M . Ectopic lipid storage and

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Cleofas Marcial-Medina, Alejandra Ordoñez-Moreno, Christian Gonzalez-Reyes, Pedro Cortes-Reynosa and Eduardo Perez Salazar

cancer cells ( 5 , 6 , 8 , 9 , 10 ). Free fatty acid receptor 1 (FFAR1) and FFAR4 are G protein-coupled receptors activated by medium- to long-chain fatty acids, such as OA; but they are not activated by short chain FFAs ( 11 , 12 ). FFAR1 is

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Peter Wolf, Yvonne Winhofer, Martin Krššák and Michael Krebs

Gertz E Neese R Mayr M. Myocardial metabolism of free fatty acids . Journal of Clinical Investigations 1987 79 359 – 366 . ( doi:10.1172/JCI112820 ) 7 Saddik M Lopaschuk GD. Myocardial triglyceride turnover and contribution

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Jia Li, Yan Zhao, Caoxin Huang, Zheng Chen, Xiulin Shi, Long Li, Zhong Chen and Xuejun Li

metabolism, glycerolipid metabolism, fatty acid metabolism and primary bile acid biosynthesis were all associated with exercise improvement in the NAFLD patients. Figure 3 Overview of pathways established by the MetaboAnalyst website. Figure 4