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Sex chromosome aneuploidies and fertility: 47,XXY, 47,XYY, 47,XXX and 45,X/47,XXX

Alan D Rogol

karyotype were live born. In fact, the 45,X karyotype is the single most common chromosomal aneuploidy noted for fetal loss ( 2 ). The purpose of this review is to explore the fertility aspects of the sex chromosome trisomies XXY, XYY, and XXX, with

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Puberty and fertility in classic galactosemia

Isabelle Flechtner, Magali Viaud, Dulanjalee Kariyawasam, Marie Perrissin-Fabert, Maud Bidet, Anne Bachelot, Philippe Touraine, Philippe Labrune, Pascale de Lonlay, and Michel Polak

on the patients’ puberty onset, fertility and biological markers. Predictive factors are therefore difficult to define. The primary objective of this collaborative questionnaire survey by French Reference Centers for Rare Diseases was to collect

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Cancer treatment in childhood and testicular function: the importance of the somatic environment

Jan-Bernd Stukenborg, Kirsi Jahnukainen, Marsida Hutka, and Rod T Mitchell

Introduction Fertility in males is dependent on the presence of a germ cell population that is capable of developing into sperm in adulthood. However, the ability of spermatogonial stem cells (SSC) to give rise to sperm is dependent on the

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Clinical characteristics of 138 Chinese female patients with idiopathic hypogonadotropic hypogonadism

Rui-yi Tang, Rong Chen, Miao Ma, Shou-qing Lin, Yi-wen Zhang, and Ya-ping Wang

odours, or a decreased ability to recognize odours, we defined the case as involving hyposmia. Histories regarding other diseases, familial histories, fertility outcomes and therapeutic management were also obtained from the records. BMI was calculated

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EDC IMPACT: Is exposure during pregnancy to acetaminophen/paracetamol disrupting female reproductive development?

Frederic Schrøder Arendrup, Severine Mazaud-Guittot, Bernard Jégou, and David Møbjerg Kristensen

resulted in reduced birth weight while not affecting fertility ( 15 ). These data were contested in 2016, when three experimental studies in rodent were published suggesting that prenatal analgesic exposure could disrupt female reproductive development

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EDC IMPACT: Chemical UV filters can affect human sperm function in a progesterone-like manner

A Rehfeld, D L Egeberg, K Almstrup, J H Petersen, S Dissing, and N E Skakkebæk

is associated with reduced male fertility ( 28 , 29 , 30 , 31 ). An intact acrosome is required for mouse sperm cells to respond to progesterone-induced chemotaxis ( 32 ). Furthermore, only acrosome-intact human sperm cells can bind to the zona

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Questions concerning fertility preservation during transition in girls with Turner syndrome: review of the literature

Małgorzata Więcek, Jakub Gawlik, Zuzanna Nowak, and Aneta Gawlik

cardiovascular status, fertility preservation (FP) is one of the most important issues during the transition process in TS. With the advent of assisted reproductive technologies (ARTs), medicine brought new hope for these patients. However, due to the limited and

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Fertility and pregnancy in adrenal insufficiency

Deirdre Green, Rosemary Dineen, Michael W. O'Reilly, and Mark Sherlock

Despite the availability of adrenal hormone replacement therapy, patients with adrenal insufficiency can be affected by reduced fertility and parity. Patients with well managed adrenal insufficiency are expected to have uneventful pregnancies and favourable outcomes, but an increased risk of maternal and neonatal complications have been reported in some cases. Many physiological changes occur to the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal (HPA) axis during pregnancy, often making a new diagnosis and management of adrenal insufficiency challenging. The management of adrenal insufficiency also needs to reflect the physiologic changes of pregnancy, often requiring increased doses of glucocorticoid as pregnancy progresses and in some circumstances mineralocorticoid replacement (in primary adrenal insufficiency patients only), especially in the third trimester. To date, there are no prospective data guiding management of adrenal insufficiency in pregnancy. In this review, we focus on the impact of adrenal insufficiency on fertility and parity based on the aetiology of adrenal insufficiency and provide a practical approach to the management of patients with adrenal insufficiency before and during pregnancy.

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Prenatal androgen induced lean PCOS impairs mitochondria and mRNA profiles in oocytes

Neil R Chappell, Beth Zhou, Amy K Schutt, William E Gibbons, and Chellakkan S Blesson

the lean PCOS mouse model, 8-week-old C57/Bl6 female mice ( n  = 26) were mated with males of proven fertility. Copulatory plugs were visualized to confirm mating on the following morning, which was considered day 0.5. Pregnant dams were injected with

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Metformin decreases miR-122, miR-223 and miR-29a in women with polycystic ovary syndrome

Pernille Bækgaard Udesen, Dorte Glintborg, Anja Elaine Sørensen, Rikke Svendsen, Nanna Louise Skov Nielsen, Marie Louise Muff Wissing, Marianne Skovsager Andersen, Anne Lis Mikkelsen Englund, and Louise Torp Dalgaard

– 25 91 . ( ) 31 Rotterdam ESHRE/ASRM-Sponsored PCOS Consensus Workshop Group. Revised 2003 consensus on diagnostic criteria and long-term health risks related to polycystic ovary syndrome . Fertility and