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A Rouland, J-C Chauvet-Gelinier, A-L Sberna, E Crevisy, P Buffier, T Mouillot, J-M Petit and B Vergès

is an auto-immune disease whereas T2D is not. Many data indicate that stress could be a trigger factor for the onset of auto-immune diseases, and several studies suggest that stress is not only a participating factor, but can, in fact, cause disease

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Yongping Liu, Shuo Wang, Qingling Guo, Yongze Li, Jing Qin, Na Zhao, Yushu Li, Zhongyan Shan and Weiping Teng

. Moreover, the elevated Sema 5A was correlated with IL-17 mRNA expression and thyroid auto-antibodies. Thus, Sema 5A may be involved in the immune response of HT patients. Semaphorins were first identified as axon guidance molecules, and more than 20 types

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Jaafar Jaafar, Eugenio Fernandez, Heba Alwan and Jacques Philippe

Introduction A paradigm shift in the landscape of cancer treatment is in progress. Immune checkpoint inhibitors (ICIs) have emerged as new arms in the panoply of antitumor therapy. Nowadays, the interest in ICIs, such as programmed cell death

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Michaela Keuper

scarcity and high energy demands, such as exercise, cold exposure and immune responses. The dysregulation of fatty acid release contributes to dyslipidemia, resulting in ectopic fat deposition into various organs. Ectopic fat in turn impairs organ

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R A M Quax, J A M van Laar, R van Heerebeek, K Greiner, E Ben-Chetrit, M Stanford, G R Wallace, F Fortune, M Ghabra, M Soylu, J M W Hazes, S W J Lamberts, J H Kappen, P M van Hagen, J W Koper and R A Feelders

GC resistance (31) . Diminished (counterbalancing) cellular effects of GC on the immune system could allow for the development of chronic (auto)-inflammatory processes as in BD. A point of future attention is that in this relatively small group of

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Kusum Lata, Pinaki Dutta, Subbiah Sridhar, Minakshi Rohilla, Anand Srinivasan, G R V Prashad, Viral N Shah and Anil Bhansali

's, non-thyroidal auto immune disease and controls, confirms that the cell-based assay of functional immunoglobulin is of clinical importance. It could establish a relationship between the antibodies in question and the disease process (23, 24, 25) . The

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Monia Cito, Silvia Pellegrini, Lorenzo Piemonti and Valeria Sordi

-01) were encapsulated into an immune-protecting medical device (named Encaptra drug delivery system) and transplanted in a small cohort of T1D patients. This trial aims to evaluate safety, long-term tolerability and efficacy of this system and the

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Thabiso R P Mofokeng, Salem A Beshyah, Fazleh Mahomed, Kwazi C Z Ndlovu and Ian L Ross

(16.7, 15.3–5.1) <0.001 Auto immune associations b  Type 1 diabetes 347 (23.5) 95 (11.5) <0.001 442 (19.2, 17.6–20.9) Reference  Hypothyroidism 301 (20.4) 137 (16.6) 0.023 438 (19.0, 17.4–20.7) 0

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Lia Ferreira, João Silva, Susana Garrido, Carlos Bello, Diana Oliveira, Hélder Simões, Isabel Paiva, Joana Guimarães, Marta Ferreira, Teresa Pereira, Rita Bettencourt-Silva, Ana Filipa Martins, Tiago Silva, Vera Fernandes, Maria Lopes Pereira and Adrenal Tumors Study Group of the Portuguese Society of Endocrinology

-morbidities, management and clinical outcome of auto-immune Addison’s disease . Endocrine 2010 38 113 – 117 . ( doi:10.1007/s12020-010-9359-8 ) 20960111 10.1007/s12020-010-9359-8 18 Dalin F Nordling Eriksson G Dahlqvist P Hallgren Å Wahlberg J Ekwall O Söderberg

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Rasha Odeh, Abeer Alassaf, Lubna Gharaibeh, Sarah Ibrahim, Fareed Khdair Ahmad and Kamel Ajlouni

Introduction Type 1 diabetes mellitus (T1D) is an immune-mediated disease that is known to be associated with other autoimmune conditions, most commonly thyroiditis and celiac disease (CD). While the prevalence of CD in the general population