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Caojie Liu, Qingguo Lv, Xinlei Chen, Guangcheng Ni, Liru Hu, Nanwei Tong and Yuwei Zhang

during adrenalectomy for pheochromocytomas, including rapid and severe blood pressure fluctuations that greatly increase the risk of major morbidity ( 7 ). Anesthetic induction, intraoperative tumor handling and accidental squeezing of the tumor can

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Marianne Aa Grytaas, Kjersti Sellevåg, Hrafnkell B Thordarson, Eystein S Husebye, Kristian Løvås and Terje H Larsen

adrenalectomy in unilateral PA and medical treatment with mineralocorticoid receptor antagonists in bilateral PA. Several studies have demonstrated that PA patients have increased cardiovascular and renal morbidity compared with patients with essential HT ( 5

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Marieke Stientje Velema, Aline de Nooijer, Ad R M M Hermus, Henri J L M Timmers, Jacques W M Lenders, Olga Husson and Jaap Deinum

unilateral aldosterone hypersecretion is suspected (APA), patients generally undergo adrenalectomy (ADX). Patients with BAH receive a mineralocorticoid receptor antagonist (MRA). Over the last decade, there has been increasing interest in the patient

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Soraya Puglisi, Paola Perotti, Mattia Barbot, Paolo Cosio, Carla Scaroni, Antonio Stigliano, Pina Lardo, Valentina Morelli, Elisa Polledri, Iacopo Chiodini, Giuseppe Reimondo, Anna Pia and Massimo Terzolo

metyrapone treatment to improve patient’s conditions and quality of life in preparation to adrenalectomy. Subjects and methods Patients For the purpose of this study, we enrolled prospectively seven consecutive patients with ACTH-independent CS

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Milène Tetsi Nomigni, Sophie Ouzounian, Alice Benoit, Jacqueline Vadrot, Frédérique Tissier, Sylvie Renouf, Hervé Lefebvre, Sophie Christin-Maitre and Estelle Louiset

performed. As a right adrenal origin was confirmed, a right adrenalectomy was performed. Tissue collection The adrenal gland was obtained at surgery and immediately dissected by the pathologist. Adrenal explants were frozen for RT-PCR analysis, fixed

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Hongyan Wang, Bin Wu, Zichuan Yao, Xianqing Zhu, Yunzhong Jiang and Song Bai

adrenalectomy at our center between 1 January 2007 and 31 December 2016, while the validation cohort consisted of 128 consecutive patients from 1 January 2017 and 31 December 2018 who met the same inclusion and exclusion criteria. A flowchart illustrating the

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M S Elston, V B Crawford, M Swarbrick, M S Dray, M Head and J V Conaglen

blockade (including bilateral adrenalectomy) or no specific treatment (nine months vs two months and less than one month, respectively) ( Table 2 ). In the current case, given the severity of the hypercortisolaemia, bilateral adrenalectomy was discussed

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Qiuli Liu, Lin-ang Wang, Jian Su, Dali Tong, Weihua Lan, Luofu Wang, Gaolei Liu, Jun Zhang, Victor Wei Zhang, Dianzheng Zhang, Rongrong Chen, Qingyi Zhu and Jun Jiang

.8–76.3 μmol/24 h). On April 26, 2012, the patient underwent open bilateral adrenalectomies. Intraoperative findings revealed a 1.56 kg mass in the left adrenal and a 3.05 kg mass in the right adrenal ( Fig. 1A , right lower corner). Pathology results confirmed

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Xinlei Chen, Liru Hu, Caojie Liu, Guangcheng Ni and Yuwei Zhang

determined by the location of the tumors, for patients whose tumors located in adrenal glands, open adrenalectomy was operated, for extra-adrenal tumors, laparotomy was carried out. Blood pressure and heart rate were monitored discreetly through the surgical

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Henrik Falhammar, Magnus Kjellman and Jan Calissendorff

screening performed due to a previously diagnosed familial syndrome. All patients except three (3%, all in the incidentaloma group) had adrenalectomy and the diagnosis was confirmed histologically. Of these three individuals, one declined surgery due to old