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Barbora Pekova, Sarka Dvorakova, Vlasta Sykorova, Gabriela Vacinova, Eliska Vaclavikova, Jitka Moravcova, Rami Katra, Petr Vlcek, Pavla Sykorova, Daniela Kodetova, Josef Vcelak and Bela Bendlova

unknown; therefore, further investigation is required, for example in PTEN or PIK3CA genes, in which somatic mutations in pediatric PTCs were detected ( 22 ). Furthermore, other fusion genes need to be identified by RNA sequencing, and copy number

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Elisabet Einarsdottir, Minna Pekkinen, Kaarel Krjutškov, Shintaro Katayama, Juha Kere, Outi Mäkitie and Heli Viljakainen

.0 Fluorometer. Library prep An 80 ng sample of whole-blood RNA was treated using GlobinLock oligonucleotides ( 14 ) to mask globin transcripts before cDNA synthesis and significantly reduce the proportion of globin α and β reads in the sequencing data

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Amarjit Saini, Linda Björkhem-Bergman, Johan Boström, Mats Lilja, Michael Melin, Karl Olsson, Lena Ekström, Peter Bergman, Mikael Altun, Eric Rullman and Thomas Gustafsson

primary human myoblasts should be less pronounced with the CC genotype, as a consequence of altered vitamin D-regulated molecular signalling. By analysing the cellular response in relation to altered gene expression using RNA sequencing (RNA-seq), we also

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Lianghui You, Yan Wang, Yao Gao, Xingyun Wang, Xianwei Cui, Yanyan Zhang, Lingxia Pang, Chenbo Ji, Xirong Guo and Xia Chi

library construction, sequencing, and differential miRNAs analysis Total RNAs of mouse BAT ( n  = 3 per group) were extracted using the RNeasy Mini Kit (QIAGEN) according to the manufacturer’s protocol. A small RNA library was constructed and sequencing

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Mengxue Yang, Bowen Sun, Jianhui Li, Bo Yang, Jie Xu, Xue Zhou, Jie Yu, Xuan Zhang, Qun Zhang, Shan Zhou and Xiaohua Sun

the target segments were recovered with a gel recovery kit (Axygen, Union City, CA, USA). Fluorescence quantitation was performed with a Quant-iT PicoGreen dsDNA assay kit (Thermo Fisher). Sequencing libraries were prepared with a TruSeq Nano DNA LT

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Kylie D Rock, Brian Horman, Allison L Phillips, Susan L McRitchie, Scott Watson, Jocelin Deese-Spruill, Dereje Jima, Susan Sumner, Heather M Stapleton and Heather B Patisaul

adipogenesis. To probe these and other possible modes of action including disruption of 5-HT production and placental inflammation, we employed a diverse range of hypothesis-generating (RNA sequencing and untargeted metabolomics) and targeted (quantitative real

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June Young Choi, Jin Wook Yi, Jun Hyup Lee, Ra-Yeong Song, Hyeongwon Yu, Hyungju Kwon, Young Jun Chai, Su-jin Kim and Kyu Eun Lee

, somatic mutations and gene expression data derived from RNA sequencing. Pathologic data were re-evaluated using scanned images of the paper-written pathologic documents provided by TCGA-associated hospitals. PTC subtype classification and MACIS scores were

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Anna-Pauliina Iivonen, Johanna Känsäkoski, Kirsi Vaaralahti and Taneli Raivio

-0035 25 Landgraf P Rusu M Sheridan R Sewer A Iovino N Aravin A Pfeffer S Rice A Kamphorst AO Landthaler M , et al . A mammalian microRNA expression atlas based on small RNA library sequencing . Cell 2007 129 1401 – 1414 . (

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Jordyn Silverstein, Wesley Kidder, Susan Fisher, Thomas A Hope, Samantha Maisel, Dianna Ng, Jessica Van Ziffle, Chloe E Atreya and Katherine Van Loon

pathogenesis of CRC during pregnancy. The lack of ER and PR expression is further supported by The Cancer Genome Atlas RNA sequencing data for CRC ( 34 ). In evaluating the molecular profiles of the tumors, the most common mutations were in TP53, APC and KRAS

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D A Dart, K Ashelford and W G Jiang

an Ion Proton (Life technologies) using default parameters (single-end, forward sequencing). Base calling, adaptor trimming, barcode deconvolution and alignment was performed on Torrent Suite, version 3.6 (Life Technologies) using the STAR RNA