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Luminita Nicoleta Cima, Anca Colita and Simona Fica

‘prepubertal milieu’ using GnRHa can be regarded as an option for preserving normal gonadal function in young women performing HSCT ( 8 , 21 ). Although human primordial follicles are not directly under gonadotrophin influence it seems that GnRH co

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Monica F Stecchini, Zilda Braid, Candy B More, Davi C Aragon, Margaret Castro, Ayrton C Moreira and Sonir R Antonini

.5 months (19–99)), while eight died (age: 65.5 months (12–146)) and six lost follow-up (age: 46 months (23–93)) before developing gonadotropin-dependent puberty. Regarding gonadotropin-releasing hormone analog (GnRHa) treatment, among the three CPP female

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Imane Benabbad, Myriam Rosilio, Maité Tauber, Emmanuel Paris, Anne Paulsen, Lovisa Berggren, Hiren Patel, Jean-Claude Carel and the Phoenix Study Group

-deficient patients . Pediatric Endocrinology Reviews 2008 5 744 – 749 . 27 van der Steen M Lem AJ van der Kaay DC Hokken-Koelega AC. Puberty and pubertal growth in GH-treated SGA children: effects of 2 years of GnRHa versus no GnRHa . Journal of

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Jan-Bernd Stukenborg, Kirsi Jahnukainen, Marsida Hutka and Rod T Mitchell

18 months after treatment compared with irradiation alone ( 131 , 132 ). Another study failed to show a protective effect of GnRHa on endogenous spermatogenesis in irradiated (7 Gy) cynomolgus monkeys ( 133 ). One study involving FSH pre-treatment of