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Hiren Patt, Katrin Koehler, Sailesh Lodha, Swati Jadhav, Chaitanya Yerawar, Angela Huebner, Kunal Thakkar, Sneha Arya, Sandhya Nair, Manjunath Goroshi, Hosahithlu Ganesh, Vijaya Sarathi, Anurag Lila, Tushar Bandgar and Nalini Shah

Introduction Triple A syndrome (TAS, MIM #231550) or Allgrove’s syndrome is an autosomal recessive disorder, characterized by clinical triad of alacrima, adrenal insufficiency (AI) and achalasia cardia. TAS patients may have varied

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Maria Angela D'amico, Barbara Ghinassi, Pascal Izzicupo, Lamberto Manzoli and A Di Baldassarre

diseases and hypertension As CgA is much more stable than catecholamines in the circulatory system, its plasmatic levels reflect the sympathetic tone and adrenomedullary system activity, that are altered in chronic heart failure, acute coronary syndrome

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Katherine U Gaynor, Irina V Grigorieva, Samantha M Mirczuk, Sian E Piret, Kreepa G Kooblall, Mark Stevenson, Karine Rizzoti, Michael R Bowl, M Andrew Nesbit, Paul T Christie, William D Fraser, Tertius Hough, Michael P Whyte, Robin Lovell-Badge and Rajesh V Thakker

urinary calcium excretion ( 1 ). Genetic abnormalities causing HPT may lead to complex congenital syndromes or to an isolated endocrinopathy, for which autosomal dominant, autosomal recessive and X-linked modes of inheritance have been described (OMIM