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Samira M Sadowski, Emanuel Christ, Benoit Bédat, Attila Kollár, Wolfram Karenovics, Aurel Perren, Frédéric Triponez and on behalf of the SwissNET registry

and etoposide therapy and underwent additional treatments in form of RFA and external radiation. Survival analysis Overall, analysis shows that the mean survival for TC tended to be longer, at 86.1 months compared to 48.4 months for AC, P  = 0

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Yang Lv, Ning Pu, Wei-lin Mao, Wen-qi Chen, Huan-yu Wang, Xu Han, Yuan Ji, Lei Zhang, Da-yong Jin, Wen-Hui Lou and Xue-feng Xu

classification, compared with 45 and 30% for the AJCC N0/N1 and N2 classification groups (log-rank χ 2  = 18.08, P  < 0.05 and log-rank = 27.92, P  = 0.00, respectively). From the multivariate survival analysis, the N, M stage and grade were indicated as the

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Enrique Soto-Pedre, Paul J Newey, John S Bevan and Graham P Leese

, respectively. Non-parametric methods were used where appropriate. Survival analysis was performed to follow-up patients and Cox proportional hazards’ models using the robust variance estimator were used to explore the relationship between exposure to

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Wentao Zhou, Tiantao Kuang, Xu Han, Wenqi Chen, Xuefeng Xu, Wenhui Lou and Dansong Wang

cut-off values of LMR for G1, G2 and G3 were 5.0, 4.4 and 3.5, respectively (Supplementary Fig. 4). Survival analysis manifested that LMR >4.4 was associated with favorable prognosis in G2 patients ( P  = 0.020), but no statistical difference was

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Chao-bin He, Yu Zhang, Zhi-yuan Cai and Xiao-jun Lin

cancers ( 17 , 19 ). In addition, competing risk analysis, which has been used for many tumor, such as pancreatic cancer ( 18 ), lung cancer ( 34 ) and melanoma ( 39 ), should be considered in survival analysis for patients with PNETs. However, no study

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Erika Urbano Lima, Ileana G S Rubio, Joaquim Custodio Da Silva, Ana Luiza Galrão, Danielle Pêssoa, Taise Cerqueira Oliveira, Fabiane Carrijo, Igor Silva Campos, Luciano Fonseca Espinheira, Luiz Jose Sampaio, Claudio Rogerio Lima, Janete Maria Cerutti and Helton Estrela Ramos

–Meier method using log-rank test was used for survival analysis and Cox proportional hazard model for multivariate prognosis analysis. The value of P  < 0.05 was considered significant. Results HOPX-β expression and methylation status in thyroid

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Xu Han, Xuefeng Xu, Hongyun Ma, Yuan Ji, Dansong Wang, Tiantao Kuang, Wenchuan Wu, Bin Song, Gang Li, Gang Jin and Wenhui Lou

/oxaliplatin-based regimens). Initial chemotherapies in combination with other therapies were as follows: one patient had received HACE, one patient had received RFA, one patient had received everolimus and one patient had received radiotherapy. Survival analysis and

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Dong Cen, Hui Liu, Zhe Wan, Zhongjie Lin, Yanting Wang, Junjie Xu and Yuelong Liang

. Cancer-specific survival (CSS), as the primary endpoint, was determined as the date of diagnosis to the date of cancer-specific death. The Kaplan–Meier method along with the log-rank test was performed for survival analysis. Multivariate Cox proportional

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Ishita Gupta, Allal Ouhtit, Adil Al-Ajmi, Syed Gauhar A Rizvi, Hamad Al-Riyami, Marwa Al-Riyami and Yahya Tamimi

polymorphisms and breast cancer disease. Kaplan–Meier method was used for survival analysis and significant differences between gene expression and overall survival was compared using the log-rank test. Based on a previous study ( 6 ), breast cancer patients

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T Szarvas, B Jardin-Watelet, N Bourgoin, M J Hoffmann, P Nyirády, C Oláh, T Széll, A Csizmarik, B Hadaschik and H Reis

group. Circulating CGA levels showed no correlation with tumor stage, grade, histological subtype and the presence of LN or distant metastases ( Fig. 1 and Table 2 ). Univariable and multivariable survival analysis Both in the training and