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Imane Benabbad, Myriam Rosilio, Maité Tauber, Emmanuel Paris, Anne Paulsen, Lovisa Berggren, Hiren Patel, Jean-Claude Carel and the Phoenix Study Group

Introduction Children with height more than 2 standard deviations ( s.d. ) below the mean of a national reference population are considered to have idiopathic short stature (ISS) if the aetiology cannot be identified and disorders known to

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Ananda A Santana-Ribeiro, Giulliani A Moreira-Brasileiro, Manuel H Aguiar-Oliveira, Roberto Salvatori, Vitor O Carvalho, Claudia K Alvim-Pereira, Carlos R Araújo-Daniel, Júlia G Reis-Costa, Alana L Andrade-Guimarães, Alécia A Oliveira-Santos, Edgar R Vieira and Miburge B Gois-Junior

that these untreated IGHD subjects have better muscle strength parameters adjusted for weight and fat free mass than controls, satisfactory muscle function and greater resistance to fatigue ( 18 ), contributing to possible benefits of short stature in

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Sumana Chatterjee, Emily Cottrell, Stephen J Rose, Talat Mushtaq, Avinaash V Maharaj, Jack Williams, Martin O Savage, Louise A Metherell and Helen L Storr

of short stature (SS) phenotypes ( 19 ). In 2013, Walenkamp et al . described two further 6Ψ patients with growth failure followed by partial catch-up growth without treatment ( 20 ). We recently reported the spectrum of clinical and biochemical

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Werner F Blum, Abdullah Alherbish, Afaf Alsagheir, Ahmed El Awwa, Walid Kaplan, Ekaterina Koledova and Martin O Savage

particularly in non-GH deficiency disorders such as Turner syndrome, short stature related to birth size small for gestational age (SGA) and idiopathic short stature ( 5 ), has led to development of prediction models of growth response ( 6 ) and a recognition

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Robert Rapaport, Peter A Lee, Judith L Ross, Paul Saenger, Vlady Ostrow and Giuseppe Piccoli

), idiopathic short stature (ISS) and small for gestational age (SGA) ( 1 , 2 ). Although clinical characteristics of these growth disorders often overlap, criteria for SGA can be distinguished from those of other GH disorders in that diagnosis is defined by

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R Solomon-Zemler, L Basel-Vanagaite, D Steier, S Yakar, E Mel, M Phillip, L Bazak, D Bercovich, H Werner and L de Vries

was 2800 g and length, 51 cm. His current height (at 13 years) is −0.8 SDS and weight −0.09 SDS. SGA and relatively short stature were noted in several other maternal family members, including the maternal grandmother ( Fig. 1 , II 8). At age 71

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Caroline Culen, Diana-Alexandra Ertl, Katharina Schubert, Lisa Bartha-Doering and Gabriele Haeusler

abnormality of human females. TS is characterized by short stature and ovarian dysgenesis, together with a broad range of other phenotypic characteristics, including an increased risk for heart and renal defects ( 1 , 2 ). Clinicians treating girls with TS

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P G Murray, D Hanson, T Coulson, A Stevens, A Whatmore, R L Poole, D J Mackay, G C M Black and P E Clayton

mutations result in the short stature condition omodysplasia (21) ) as well as zinc finger protein of cerebellum 1 ( ZIC1 ) and PCP4 both of which are known to be differentially expressed in tumours (22, 23) . Three out of the top 10 downregulated

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Marilena Nakaguma, Fernanda A Correa, Lucas S Santana, Anna F F Benedetti, Ricardo V Perez, Martha K P Huayllas, Mirta B Miras, Mariana F A Funari, Antonio M Lerario, Berenice B Mendonca, Luciani R S Carvalho, Alexander A L Jorge and Ivo J P Arnhold

(104 from Brazil and 13 from Argentina) ( Fig. 1 ). The patients were predominantly male (55%, n  = 64), only eight were born from consanguineous parents and another 25 had relatives with short stature. Most of them had CPHD (77%, n  = 90) and ectopic

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Urszula Smyczyńska, Joanna Smyczyńska, Maciej Hilczer, Renata Stawerska, Ryszard Tadeusiewicz and Andrzej Lewiński

Introduction Growth hormone (GH) therapy is widely approved in children with short stature caused by GH deficiency (GHD). It has also been documented that GH therapy may be beneficial in children with idiopathic short stature (ISS); however