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Vito Francic, Martin Keppel, Verena Schwetz, Christian Trummer, Marlene Pandis, Valentin Borzan, Martin R Grübler, Nicolas D Verheyen, Marcus E Kleber, Graciela Delgado, Angela P Moissl, Benjamin Dieplinger, Winfried März, Andreas Tomaschitz, Stefan Pilz and Barbara Obermayer-Pietsch

Introduction A broad range of cardiovascular disease (CVD) has been observed to be influenced by seasonal variation. Various parameters, ranging from temperature changes to vitamin D deficiency, have been shown to play a potential role in this

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Göran Oleröd, Lillemor Mattsson Hultén, Ola Hammarsten and Eva Klingberg

to determine if the seasonal variations observed in total 25(OH)D in serum is followed by a concomitant variation in free 25(OH)D or if the variation is damped by alterations in the binding capacity of DBP. We also wanted to compare the concentrations

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Malachi J McKenna, Barbara F Murray, Myra O'Keane and Mark T Kilbane

Introduction Vitamin D supply is changeable, being sourced from skin synthesis following solar exposure, which is curtailed seasonally in high-latitude countries, and from oral intake of natural foodstuffs, fortified foodstuffs and supplements (1

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Suvanjaa Sivalingam, Marianne Thvilum, Thomas Heiberg Brix, Laszlo Hegedüs and Frans Brandt

leucocyte antigens ( 13 ). In line with that, we have previously suggested that infection with Yersinia enterocolitica may increase the risk of GD ( 13 ). As the exposure to infections often follows a seasonal pattern, the observations of seasonal

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Eeva M Ryhänen, Ilkka Heiskanen, Harri Sintonen, Matti J Välimäki, Risto P Roine and Camilla Schalin-Jäntti

did not find any correlation between serum 25OHD and preoperative HRQoL (20) . As seasonal variation can influence HRQoL (32) , we investigated whether this could have influenced our results. We divided the patients into three categories according to

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Shuhui Ma, Zixu Wang, Jing Cao, Yulan Dong and Yaoxing Chen

plays an important role in the circadian and seasonal rhythms, immunomodulation and neurotransmission ( 3 ). In birds, pinealectomy abolished the circadian patterns of locomotor activity and body temperature ( 4 , 5 ), which was attributed to the

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R Perchard, L Magee, A Whatmore, F Ivison, P Murray, A Stevens, M Z Mughal, S Ehtisham, J Campbell, S Ainsworth, M Marshall, M Bone, I Doughty and P E Clayton

seasonality was eliminated with a vitamin D-fortified diet ( 16 ). In a systematic review and meta-analysis conducted by Zipitis and coworkers ( 17 ), the risk of T1D was significantly reduced in individuals who had received cholecalciferol in early infancy

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M Langeveld, C Y Tan, M R Soeters, S Virtue, G K Ambler, L P E Watson, P R Murgatroyd, V K Chatterjee and A Vidal-Puig

seasonal variation of NST, which is known to exist, subjects were studied between April 2012 and September 2012 ( 13 ). All subjects provided written informed consent and the study conformed to the standards set by the latest revision of the Declaration of

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Shenglong Le, Leiting Xu, Moritz Schumann, Na Wu, Timo Törmäkangas, Markku Alén, Sulin Cheng and Petri Wiklund

Tanner stage 1 and 2 were included at the baseline ( 13 , 14 ). Data collection was performed at baseline and after 1, 2, 4 and 7.5 years. In order to avoid seasonal effects, all information was collected and laboratory tests (included the blood sample

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Changwei Liu, Jingwen Wang, Yuanyuan Wan, Xiaona Xia, Jian Pan, Wei Gu and Mei Li

/190). The difference between newly diagnosed T1DM and established T1DM in the deficient and insufficient subgroups was statistically significant (χ 2  = 13.86, P  = 0.00). The seasonal distribution of mean serum vitamin D levels in T1DM and controls is