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C Sui, Q He, R Du, D Zhang, F Li, G Dionigi, N Liang and H Sun

performed. Additional lateral compartment neck dissections, including levels II, III, and IV, were performed if metastases were present in the lateral compartment, and no level I or V LND was performed unless lymph node metastasis to level I or V

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Anping Su, Yanping Gong, Wenshuang Wu, Rixiang Gong, Zhihui Li and Jingqiang Zhu

Introduction Total thyroidectomy with central neck dissection has been adopted in many specialized endocrine surgery units for the treatment of papillary thyroid carcinoma (PTC) ( 1 , 2 , 3 ). However, central neck dissection, especially

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Wei Sun, Boyuan Zheng, Zhihong Wang, Wenwu Dong, Yuan Qin and Hao Zhang

number of excised nodes ( 8 ). Therapeutic central neck dissection is acceptable in patients with clinically positive PTC. However, it remains controversial as to whether patients with clinically negative central lymph nodes (cN0) should receive

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Norra Kwong, Ellen Marqusee, Michael S Gordon, P Reed Larsen, Jeffrey R Garber, Matthew I Kim and Erik K Alexander

metastatic disease. Near-total thyroidectomy and left neck dissection were performed. Histology reported it as a papillary carcinoma with extensive extrathyroidal involvement invading into the trachea and with extensive cervical lymph node metastases. Shortly

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Mubashir Mulla and Klaus-Martin Schulte

prospectively analyse the outcomes of selective LND to determine when prophylactic lateral neck dissection is advisable 40 86 9 96 – a – b – b – a Invalid   (28) c 133 Evaluation of preoperative US in detecting cervical metastases in PTC NA NA NA NA – b – b – b

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Xiao-Ping Qi, Jian-Zhong Peng, Xiao-Wei Yang, Zhi-Lie Cao, Xiu-Hua Yu, Xu-Dong Fang, Da-Hong Zhang and Jian-Qiang Zhao

neck dissection. The histopathological examination revealed bilateral MTC with lymph node metastasis (T1aN1aM0 and T1bN1bM0). Furthermore, five subjects (II:6, II:7, III:21, III:24 and IV:1) exhibited slightly elevated Ctn levels (range, 9.87–41.5 pg

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Natalie Su-Jing Yap, Richard Maher and Diana Louise Learoyd

surgery as part of her original diagnosis of DTC and so had an intact thyroid gland at the time of biopsy. She, therefore, proceeded to total thyroidectomy and neck dissection despite the undetectable FNA-Tg in this particular lymph node and histology was

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Guoquan Zhu, Yuying Deng, Liqin Pan, Wei Ouyang, Huijuan Feng, Juqing Wu, Pan Chen, Jing Wang, Yanying Chen and Jiaxin Luo

metastases (LNs) c , n (%) 0.432  Yes 879 (89.8) 223 (92.5)  No 54 (5.5) 10 (4.1)  No neck dissection 46 (4.7) 8 (3.3) Extracapsular extension of metastatic lymph nodes, n (%) 0.406  Yes 356

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Klaudia Zajkowska, Janusz Kopczyński, Stanisław Góźdź and Aldona Kowalska

3% of noninvasive tumours despite the absence of papillae and BRAF V600E mutations ( 20 ). It should be emphasised that prophylactic central neck dissection was performed in the study, which might have increased the incidence of clinically

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Zeming Liu, Di Hu, Yihui Huang, Sichao Chen, Wen Zeng, Ling Zhou, Wei Zhou, Min Wang, Haifeng Feng, Wei Wei, Chao Zhang, Danyang Chen and Liang Guo

31821219ca ) 21372688 10.1097/SLA.0b013e31821219ca 22 Noguchi S Murakami N Yamashita H Toda M Kawamoto H. Papillary thyroid carcinoma: modified radical neck dissection improves prognosis . Archives of Surgery 1998 133 276 – 280 . ( https