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Erika Urbano Lima, Ileana G S Rubio, Joaquim Custodio Da Silva, Ana Luiza Galrão, Danielle Pêssoa, Taise Cerqueira Oliveira, Fabiane Carrijo, Igor Silva Campos, Luciano Fonseca Espinheira, Luiz Jose Sampaio, Claudio Rogerio Lima, Janete Maria Cerutti and Helton Estrela Ramos

affected by a growing number of DNA alterations in tumor-suppressor genes, especially via gene promoter methylation ( 4 ) causing a silencing of tumor-suppressor genes that are linked to apoptosis or DNA repair ( 5 , 6 ). A better understanding of such

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Jairo Arturo Pinzón-Cortés, Angelina Perna-Chaux, Nicolás Steven Rojas-Villamizar, Angélica Díaz-Basabe, Diana Carolina Polanía-Villanueva, María Fernanda Jácome, Carlos Olimpo Mendivil, Helena Groot and Valeriano López-Segura

carry epigenetic changes that persist for many years and predispose them to developing complications ( 9 , 11 , 12 , 13 ). Several studies in patients with T2DM have found changes in the genome methylation profile, such as a reduced level of DNA

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Tingting Xia, Hongru Sun, Hao Huang, Haoran Bi, Rui Pu, Lei Zhang, Yuanyuan Zhang, Ying Liu, Jing Xu, Justina Ucheojor Onwuka, Yupeng Liu, Binbin Cui and Yashuang Zhao

According to its incidence patterns, colorectal cancer (CRC) tends to occur more frequently in males than in females, and the evidence shows that CRC is a hormone-related tumor. These findings indicate that androgen receptor (AR) gene methylation might be important for the regulation of the CRC risk in the different sexes. We used a case-control study to investigate the association between AR methylation in peripheral blood (PBL) and CRC risk. A cohort study was conducted to analyze the effect of AR methylation levels in both PBL and tissue on the prognosis of CRC. AR methylation levels were detected using methylation-sensitive high-resolution melting (MS-HRM). The results indicate that the hypomethylation of AR was significantly associated with the risk of CRC (OR = 1.869, 95%CI: 1.629-2.141 P < 0.001), and the results remained similar after adjusting for the propensity score (PS) (OR = 1.344, 95%CI: 1.147-1.575 P < 0.001) and PS matching (OR = 1.138, 95%CI: 1.000-1.292 P = 0.049). The hypomethylation of AR was significantly associated with CRC in males (OR = 2.309, 95%CI: 1.200-4.245; P = 0.012) but not females (OR = 1.000, 95%CI: 0.567-1.765; P = 0.999). The methylation status of AR in PBL and tissue does not seem to be associated with prognosis in colorectal cancer (OR = 1.425 95%CI: 0.895-2.269 P = 0.135; OR = 0.930 95%CI: 0.674-1.285 P = 0.661). We conclude that AR hypomethylation in PBL is associated with a high risk of CRC and may serve as a biomarker.

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K L Gatford, G K Heinemann, S D Thompson, J V Zhang, S Buckberry, J A Owens, G A Dekker, C T Roberts and on behalf of the SCOPE Consortium

locus, who therefore express maternal and paternal IGF2 alleles, often have pre- and postnatal overgrowth, suggesting increased IGF2 availability (reviewed by (40) ). This suggests that SNPs associated with altered DNA methylation at this locus may

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Djeda Belharazem, Matthias Kirchner, Franziska Geissler, Peter Bugert, Martin Spahn, Burkhard Kneitz, Hubertus Riedmiller, Christian Sauer, Stefan Küffer, Lutz Trojan, Christian Bolenz, Maurice Stephan Michel, Alexander Marx and Philipp Ströbel

(e.g. methylation) that usually allow expression of only one allele in a parent-of-origin-dependent fashion (6) . Loss of imprinting (LOI) is considered one of the earliest (7) and most abundant alterations in cancer (8) . Among the 90 imprinted

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Nancy J Olsen, Ann L Benko and William J Kovacs

medications at the time of entry into the study. Androgen receptor CAG repeat genotyping, AR gene methylation analysis, and calculation of weighted AR CAG repeat length Genomic DNA was isolated from peripheral whole blood or from buffy coat cells using the

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Magnolia Ariza-Nieto, Joshua B Alley, Sanjay Samy, Laura Fitzgerald, Francoise Vermeylen, Michael L Shuler and José O Alemán

methylation-susceptible CpG islands in their promoter regions, and for that they are known to form regulatory loops with DNMT1 in cancer tissue and cancer cell lines in vitro ( 17 ). In adipocytes, DNMT1 contributes to the expression of adiponectin ( 18

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P G Murray, D Hanson, T Coulson, A Stevens, A Whatmore, R L Poole, D J Mackay, G C M Black and P E Clayton

experiment, three independent RNA extractions were assayed with three technical replicates. Methylation analysis of H19 and IGF2 One microgram peripheral leukocyte or fibroblast-derived genomic DNA was treated with bisulphite using the EZ-DNA Methylation kit

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Legh Wilkinson, Nicolette J D Verhoog and Ann Louw

expression GRα protein expression References Epigenetic DNA methylation of GRα gene • Rodents: exon 1 7 • Humans: exon 1 F , exon 1 C , exon 1 B , exon 1 H , exon 1D Rodent Human Reduced Reduced Reduced Reduced ( 30

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Fernando Aprile-Garcia, María Antunica-Noguerol, Maia Ludmila Budziñski, Ana C Liberman and Eduardo Arzt

-activated conditions at different levels: i) modulating chromatin structure, ii) serving as a coregulator with DNA-binding TFs, and iii) modulating DNA methylation (70) . Modulation of chromatin The first reported effects of PARP1 on the genome were chromatin