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Peter Ergang, Anna Mikulecká, Martin Vodicˇka, Karla Vagnerová, Ivan Mikšík and Jirˇí Pácha

biologically inactive 11-oxo steroids (cortisone and 11-dehydrocorticosterone) to cortisol and corticosterone, amplifying the cellular glucocorticoid action ( 5 ). 11HSD1 is expressed in many organs and tissues, including lymphoid organs and immune cells ( 6

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Elizabeth Yan Zhang and Bao-Ting Zhu

on body weight, organ weight index, and cell numbers in the lymphoid organs of mice that develop DNCB-induced contact dermatitis To determine the toxicity of the chemical agents administered, change in the body weight during the experiment as well as

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Fabian Eichelmann, Cornelia Weikert, Romina di Giuseppe, Ronald Biemann, Berend Isermann, Matthias B Schulze, Heiner Boeing and Krasimira Aleksandrova

recruitment of immune cells to lymphoid organs and sites of tissue damage and as autocrine/paracrine signaling agent that is involved in several metabolic and cell-developmental processes particularly in adipocytes ( 8 ). Higher circulating chemerin

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Stefan Schulz, Anika Mann, Benjamin Novakhov, Hugh D Piggins and Amelie Lupp

receptors at the plasma membrane of immune cells in all major lymphoid organs. The rabbit MAB SP235 will also overcome a number of limitations inherent to polyclonal VPAC2 antibodies. Naturally, only limited amounts of polyclonal antibodies exist, and the