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L Bahler, H J Verberne, E Brakema, R Tepaske, J Booij, J B Hoekstra and F Holleman

study was to gain a better understanding of the mechanism of action of bromocriptine on insulin sensitivity. First, we aimed to investigate whether bromocriptine administration for 2 weeks had a different effect on insulin sensitivity in lean compared

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Anna Kistner, Mireille Vanpée and Kerstin Hall

development. Our hypothesis is that leptin may enhance hepatic insulin sensitivity and exert a protective property. Materials and methods Subjects The characterizations and the modes of selection for the children (7) and the adult women (23

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Taísa A R Vicente, Ívina E S Rocha, Roberto Salvatori, Carla R P Oliveira, Rossana M C Pereira, Anita H O Souza, Viviane C Campos, Elenilde G Santos, Rachel D C Araújo Diniz, Eugênia H O Valença, Carlos C Epitácio-Pereira, Mario C P Oliveira, Andrea Mari and Manuel H Aguiar-Oliveira

Introduction GH regulates β-cell function (βCF) and insulin sensitivity (IS) both directly and via complex interactions with its principal mediator, insulin-like growth factor 1 (IGF1) (1) . While GH reduces IS, IGF1 increases it. The hyperglycemic

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Alessandro Ciresi, Stefano Radellini, Valentina Guarnotta, Maria Grazia Mineo and Carla Giordano

). Blood samples were collected every 30 min for 2 h for glucose and insulin measurements. As surrogate estimates of insulin sensitivity we considered the homeostasis model assessment estimate of insulin resistance (Homa-IR) ( 19 ) and the insulin

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Ahmet Uçar, Nurçin Saka, Firdevs Baş, Nihal Hatipoğlu, Rüveyde Bundak and Feyza Darendeliler

glucose (IFG) (22) . To determine insulin sensitivity (IS), homeostasis model assessment of insulin resistance (HOMA-IR) (fasting glucose (mg/dl)×insulin (mU/l)/405) (23) and IS index (ISI comp ) (Matsuda index=10 000/square root of ((fasting glucose

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Tao Yuan, Lanping Jiang, Chen Chen, Xiaoyan Peng, Min Nie, Xuemei Li, Xiaoping Xing, Xuewang Li and Limeng Chen

600968) of the distal convoluted tubule (DCT) ( 2 ). Recently ( 3 ), impaired glucose metabolism and insulin sensitivity were reported in GS patients, but insulin secretion function has not been studied in this population. Due to the lack of research in

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Jakob Høgild Langdahl, Anja Lisbeth Frederiksen, John Vissing, Morten Frost, Knud Bonnet Yderstræde and Per Heden Andersen

glucose intolerance were studied with both OGTT and hyperinsulinemic clamp. In these patients, both decreased insulin sensitivity and impaired β-cell function was demonstrated prior to development of overt diabetes ( 20 ). Insulin sensitivity was equally

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C L Bodinham, L Smith, E L Thomas, J D Bell, J R Swann, A Costabile, D Russell-Jones, A M Umpleby and M D Robertson

fiber and has been shown to have beneficial effects on insulin sensitivity and fatty acid (FA) metabolism in both healthy individuals and those with metabolic syndrome (3, 4, 5, 6, 7) . However, the efficacy of RS in individuals with T2DM has not been

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Esben Thyssen Vestergaard, Morten B Krag, Morten M Poulsen, Steen B Pedersen, Niels Moller, Jens Otto Lunde Jorgensen and Niels Jessen

sensitivity (17) . A correlation between insulin sensitivity and serum concentrations of RBP4 has, however, not been consistently reported (18) , and a number of reports have questioned the role of RBP4 in insulin resistance (19) . The aim of the present

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Shane M Regnier, Andrew G Kirkley, Daniel Ruiz, Wakanene Kamau, Qian Wu, Kurunthachalam Kannan and Robert M Sargis

) signaling ( 18 , 20 ). In recent studies, male C57BL/6 mice exposed to TF via a standard laboratory chow diet for 12 weeks exhibited increased adiposity, glucose intolerance and insulin resistance with concomitant impairments in adipose insulin sensitivity