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Jintao Hu, Qingbo Chen, Xiao Ding, Xin Zheng, Xuefeng Tang, Song Li and Hui Yang

achieve total surgical resection ( 1 ). Moreover, the currently available pharmacotherapies are not satisfactory. Thus, there is a need to explore novel approaches for treating PA. Metabolic abnormalities, including the Warburg effect and glutamine (Gln

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Selina Mäkinen, Yen H Nguyen, Paulina Skrobuk and Heikki A Koistinen

switched to differentiation medium containing 2% FBS for 5–7 days. The cells were serum starved for 2 h before any treatment in low-glucose DMEM supplemented with 0.5% fatty acid-free BSA and 4 mM l -glutamine. All chemical treatments were prepared in

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Elena Pardi, Stefano Mariotti, Natalia S Pellegata, Katiuscia Benfini, Simona Borsari, Federica Saponaro, Liborio Torregrossa, Antonello Cappai, Chiara Satta, Marco Mastinu, Claudio Marcocci and Filomena Cetani

, maintained in DMEM media supplemented with 10% fetal bovine serum, 20 mM l -glutamine, 100 units/ml of penicillin G sodium, and 100 μg/ml streptomycin, or F-12K medium supplemented with 15% horse serum, 2.5% fetal bovine serum, 20 mM l -glutamine, 100 units

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Sara Ullsten, Sara Bohman, Marie E Oskarsson, K Peter R Nilsson, Gunilla T Westermark and Per-Ola Carlsson

chloride, leucine, tolbutamide, glutamine or alpha-ketoisocaproic acid also induce amyloid in cultured islets (17, 18). On the other hand, substances that decrease IAPP secretion like diazoxide or somatostatin limited amyloid deposit formation ( 18 ). In

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Masafumi Tetsuka and Misato Tanakadate

serum (Fetal Clone III; Thermo Fisher Scientific), 100 μg/mL Kanamycine (Sigma-Aldrich), 100 μg/mL glutamine (Sigma-Aldrich), 1 μg/mL estradiol (Sigma-Aldrich) and 0.02 IU/mL FSH (Antrin R10; Kyoritsu Seiyaku, Tokyo, Japan) at 38.5°C for up to 24 h in 5

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Doron Weinstein, Rive Sarfstein, Zvi Laron and Haim Werner

 mM glutamine, and 50 μg/ml gentamicin sulfate. The PC3, LNCaP, and C4-2 cell lines were obtained from the American Type Culture Collection (Manassas, VA, USA). Frozen ampoules were thawed and used for up to 3 months (∼20 passages). The PC3 PCa

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A Daniel Bird, Spencer Greatorex, David Reser, Gareth G Lavery and Timothy J Cole

immunohistochemistry. Human HEK293 cells were maintained in culture in DMEM/high glucose medium with 2 mM glutamine, 10% FCS. Bioinformatics and protein structure modelling Sequence alignment of human HSD11B1L and 11βHSD1 were performed using the Clustral Omega

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Darling M Rojas-Canales, Michaela Waibel, Aurelien Forget, Daniella Penko, Jodie Nitschke, Fran J Harding, Bahman Delalat, Anton Blencowe, Thomas Loudovaris, Shane T Grey, Helen E Thomas, Thomas W H Kay, Chris J Drogemuller, Nicolas H Voelcker and Patrick T Coates

cultured at 37°C and 5% CO 2 in RPMI (Sigma) or CMRL (Gibco-Invitrogen) supplemented with 2 mM l -glutamine, 100 U/mL penicillin, 100 U/mL streptomycin and 10% fetal calf serum. All animal experiments were approved by independent animal ethics committees

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Thiago U Pantaleão, Andrea C F Ferreira, Maria C S Santos, Álvaro S P Figueiredo, Ruy A N Louzada, Doris Rosenthal, Denise P Carvalho and Vânia M Corrêa da Costa

Milatovic D Aschner JL Syversen T Rocha JB Souza DO Sidoryk M Albrecht J Aschner M. Methylmercury induces oxidative injury, alterations in permeability and glutamine transport in cultured astrocytes . Brain Research 2007

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Carina Hasenoehrl, Gert Schwach, Nassim Ghaffari-Tabrizi-Wizsy, Robert Fuchs, Nadine Kretschmer, Rudolf Bauer and Roswitha Pfragner

cultured in EMEM (BioWhittaker, Lonza, Verviers, Belgium) supplemented with 2 mM l -glutamine (PAA Laboratories) and 10% FBS. Cells were passaged to an initial cell number of 1 × 10 5  cells/mL using Accutase (PAA Laboratories). All cells were kept in a