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Zeming Liu, Di Hu, Yihui Huang, Sichao Chen, Wen Zeng, Ling Zhou, Wei Zhou, Min Wang, Haifeng Feng, Wei Wei, Chao Zhang, Danyang Chen and Liang Guo

incidence and mortality rate of pediatric thyroid cancer is low; moreover, pediatric differentiated thyroid cancer has a higher rate of distant metastasis ( 4 ). Thus, there seems to be a significant need for relevant studies in children and adolescents with

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Dario de Biase, Federica Torricelli, Moira Ragazzi, Benedetta Donati, Elisabetta Kuhn, Michela Visani, Giorgia Acquaviva, Annalisa Pession, Giovanni Tallini, Simonetta Piana and Alessia Ciarrocchi

-differentiated PTC ( N  = 85)that did not develop distant metastasis with a minimum follow-up of 8 years. Part of this patient cohort has been the object of our previous study ( 14 ). All analyses were performed from formalin-fixed and paraffin-embedded (FFPE

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Huy Gia Vuong, Nguyen Phuoc Long, Nguyen Hoang Anh, Tran Diem Nghi, Mai Van Hieu, Le Phi Hung, Tadao Nakazawa, Ryohei Katoh and Tetsuo Kondo

, year of publication, time of operation, criteria for TCVPTC/PTC-TCF, multifocality, extrathyroidal extension, lymph node metastasis, pathological T factor of the TNM staging system (pT factor), distant metastasis at time of presentation, tumor

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Andrea Mazurat, Andrea Torroni, Jane Hendrickson-Rebizant, Harbinder Benning, Richard W Nason and K Alok Pathak

(22.3%) patients had regional lymph node involvement and 54 (2.6%) had distant metastasis. On January 1, 2013, 1658 (78.5%) patients had no evidence of disease; 49 (2.3%) patients were alive with disease; 105 (5.0%) patients were dead because of

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Huy Gia Vuong, Uyen N P Duong, Ahmed M A Altibi, Hanh T T Ngo, Thong Quang Pham, Hung Minh Tran, Greta Gandolfi and Lewis Hassell

). However, there is a small proportion of cases with aggressive features at presentation that develop early distant metastasis or relapse and are associated with adverse outcomes. Various clinicopathological factors have been investigated as prognostic

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Logan Mills, Panagiotis Drymousis, Yogesh Vashist, Christoph Burdelski, Andreas Prachalias, Parthi Srinivasan, Krishna Menon, Corina Cotoi, Saboor Khan, Judith Cave, Thomas Armstrong, Martin O Weickert, Jakob Izbicki, Joerg Schrader, Andreja Frilling, John K Ramage and Raj Srirajaskanthan

node metastasis or distant metastasis (synchronous or metachronous). Tumours were staged according to the ENETS TNM system for pancreatic neuroendocrine tumours ( 20 ). Where staining with the Ki67 antigen was available, grading was assigned using the

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Dong Cen, Hui Liu, Zhe Wan, Zhongjie Lin, Yanting Wang, Junjie Xu and Yuelong Liang

stage, M stage, and histological type were independent prognostic factors for gastric NEN ( 21 ). Zhang et al . showed that lymph node metastasis and distant metastasis were independent predictors of OS for NEN of the gastroesophageal junction ( 22

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Tiina Vesterinen, Teijo Kuopio, Maarit Ahtiainen, Aija Knuuttila, Harri Mustonen, Kaisa Salmenkivi, Johanna Arola and Caj Haglund

patients developed recurrent tumor or distant metastasis in the liver, brain, pleura, mediastinal lymph-nodes or bones during follow-up. Table 1 shows the clinicopathologic features of the patients. Table 1 Clinicopathologic features of the

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Chao-bin He, Yu Zhang, Zhi-yuan Cai and Xiao-jun Lin

adenocarcinoma, the primary source of mortality of metastatic PNETs is mainly the dysfunction of metastatic organs, such as liver failure ( 6 ). Although the presence of distant metastasis is correlated with shortened long-term survival, the appropriately

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Shuang Ye, Yuanyuan Xu, Jiehao Li, Shuhui Zheng, Peng Sun and Tinghuai Wang

Ezrin. Statistical analyses Chi-squared test or Fisher’s exact test was used to analyze the association of GPER and Ezrin status with clinicopathological variables. End points including local relapse, distant metastasis, death and any progression