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Erika Urbano Lima, Ileana G S Rubio, Joaquim Custodio Da Silva, Ana Luiza Galrão, Danielle Pêssoa, Taise Cerqueira Oliveira, Fabiane Carrijo, Igor Silva Campos, Luciano Fonseca Espinheira, Luiz Jose Sampaio, Claudio Rogerio Lima, Janete Maria Cerutti, and Helton Estrela Ramos

Introduction Differentiated thyroid cancer (DTC) has continued to increase over the past several decades, likely due to enhanced detection ( 1 , 2 ). Cancer research, in general, has benefited greatly from many of the new scientific

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Eugenie S Lim, Shanty G Shah, Mona Waterhouse, Scott Akker, William Drake, Nick Plowman, Daniel M Berney, Polly Richards, Ashok Adams, Ewa Nowosinska, Carmel Brennan, and Maralyn Druce

Introduction Differentiated thyroid cancer (DTC) is the most frequently occurring endocrine cancer and its incidence has been increasing steadily in men and women over the last few decades ( 1 , 2 , 3 ). DTC includes papillary thyroid cancer

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Natalie Su-Jing Yap, Richard Maher, and Diana Louise Learoyd

-needle aspirates of cervical lymph nodes: a technique for the diagnosis of metastatic differentiated thyroid cancer . European Journal of Endocrinology 2007 157 101 – 107 . ( doi:10.1530/EJE-07-0088 ). 5 Boi F Baghino G Atzeni F Lai ML Faa G

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C Sui, Q He, R Du, D Zhang, F Li, G Dionigi, N Liang, and H Sun

dissected cervical nodes, however, a discrepancy may exist between the absolute number of positive nodes and the substantive extent of differentiated thyroid cancer (DTC) node metastasis ( 1 , 2 , 6 ). Therefore, the NR, defined as the absolute number of

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Chiara Mele, Maria Teresa Samà, Alessandro Angelo Bisoffi, Marina Caputo, Valentina Bullara, Stefania Mai, Gillian Elisabeth Walker, Flavia Prodam, Paolo Marzullo, Gianluca Aimaretti, and Loredana Pagano

Introduction The incidence rates of differentiated thyroid cancer (DTC) have been rising in many countries over the last few decades ( 1 , 2 ) along with a parallel increase in obesity and metabolic disorders ( 3 ). Even if the growing

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Thera P Links, Trynke van der Boom, Wouter T Zandee, and Joop D Lefrandt

, sinus tachycardia, and diastolic dysfunction ( 15 ). TSH suppression in differentiated thyroid cancer Adults Differentiated thyroid cancer, consisting of papillary and follicular thyroid cancer, is common at a relatively young age, with a

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Susana Pastor, Abdelmounaim Akdi, Eddy R González, Juan Castell, Josefina Biarnés, Ricard Marcos, and Antonia Velázquez

SNPs genotyped in THRB or the two genotyped SNPs in TSHR . Table 3 Genotype frequencies of the selected SNPs and their association with differentiated thyroid cancer in a Spanish population. SNP Genotype Control, n (%) DTC, n (%) Odds ratio a

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Andrea Mazurat, Andrea Torroni, Jane Hendrickson-Rebizant, Harbinder Benning, Richard W Nason, and K Alok Pathak

-based historical cohort includes all 2125 consecutive well-differentiated thyroid cancers diagnosed in 2115 patients in the province of Manitoba, Canada, from January 1, 1970 to December 31, 2010. We reviewed the individual electronic and paper records of diagnosis

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Tiemo S Gerber, Arno Schad, Nils Hartmann, Erik Springer, Ulrich Zechner, and Thomas J Musholt

indicative of an early event in thyroid tumorigenesis ( 28 ). All this leads to the assumption that the presence of SMAD4 mutations cannot differentiate between well-differentiated thyroid cancer and PDTC. KIT encodes for a tyrosine kinase receptor and

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Danuta Gąsior-Perczak, Iwona Pałyga, Monika Szymonek, Artur Kowalik, Agnieszka Walczyk, Janusz Kopczyński, Katarzyna Lizis-Kolus, Anna Słuszniak, Janusz Słuszniak, Tomasz Łopatyński, Ryszard Mężyk, Stanisław Góźdź, and Aldona Kowalska

Introduction Increased access to imaging techniques and fine-needle aspiration cytology (FNAC) has resulted in an increase in the rate of detection of differentiated thyroid cancer (DTC) in recent years ( 1 , 2 , 3 , 4 ). The increase in