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Mieke Van Hemelrijck, Thurkaa Shanmugalingam, Cecilia Bosco, Wahyu Wulaningsih, and Sabine Rohrmann

Introduction Both insulin-like growth factor 1 (IGF1) and calcium metabolisms have been linked to chronic diseases such as cardiovascular disease and cancer (1, 2, 3, 4) . IGF1 is a polypeptide hormone implicated in cell differentiation

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Ranganathan R Rao, Harpal S Randeva, Sailesh Sankaranarayanan, Murthy Narashima, Matthias Möhlig, Hisham Mehanna, and Martin O Weickert

, 5) . Recent studies indicate that treatment of vitamin D deficiency may have the potential to reduce circulating PTH levels in patients with pHPT, without adverse effects on serum-adjusted calcium (adjCa) levels (3, 4, 5) . Data regarding the

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Laura J Reid, Bala Muthukrishnan, Dilip Patel, Mike S Crane, Murat Akyol, Andrew Thomson, Jonathan R Seckl, and Fraser W Gibb

intervention is appropriate (a decision largely based on age, serum calcium and presence of bone and/or renal complications) ( 6 ). Only when a decision to pursue surgical cure is made should neck imaging be performed. However, the optimal imaging modality in

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Agnès Linglart, Martin Biosse-Duplan, Karine Briot, Catherine Chaussain, Laure Esterle, Séverine Guillaume-Czitrom, Peter Kamenicky, Jerome Nevoux, Dominique Prié, Anya Rothenbuhler, Philippe Wicart, and Pol Harvengt

adequately suppressed, and 1,25-diOH-vitamin D production and absorption of calcium through the gut and urinary calcium excretion are consequently enhanced. Besides acquired disorders like tumors or drug toxicity, most conditions leading to phosphate wasting

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A Chinoy, M Skae, A Babiker, D Kendall, M Z Mughal, and R Padidela

absorption of oral calcium (Ca) from the intestine. PTH also mobilises Ca from the bone (by increasing the number and activity of osteoclasts to encourage bone resorption) to maintain serum Ca concentration. PTH also regulates serum phosphate. HPT is

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K Amrein, A Papinutti, E Mathew, G Vila, and D Parekh

A short history of vitamin D in critical care Only 10 years ago, a potential link between acute illness and vitamin D, which is well known for its role in calcium and bone homeostasis, was regarded as quite absurd – how could this hormone be

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Kaiyu Pan, Chengyue Zhang, Xiaocong Yao, and Zhongxin Zhu

Introduction Calcium (Ca) is the primary nutrient of interest in bone health. It is essential to ensure adequate Ca intake to support the accelerated growth spurt during childhood and adolescence when bone accumulates and grows at a rapid rate

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Martine Cohen-Solal, Thomas Funck-Brentano, and Pablo Ureña Torres

to clinical events related to calcium and phosphate metabolism such as fractures, biochemical abnormalities and cardiovascular events like vascular calcifications ( 1 ). The mineral disorders were added to the previous so-called renal osteodystrophy

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Ursula M M Costa, Carla R P Oliveira, Roberto Salvatori, José A S Barreto-Filho, Viviane C Campos, Francielle T Oliveira, Ivina E S Rocha, Joselina L M Oliveira, Wersley A Silva, and Manuel H Aguiar-Oliveira

, 20, 21) . Measurement of coronary artery calcium by multi-detector tomography has been shown to predict the risk of clinical coronary disease (22, 23, 24, 25) . This study tested whether subclinical atherosclerosis is accelerated in these IGHD

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E Vignali, F Cetani, S Chiavistelli, A Meola, F Saponaro, R Centoni, L Cianferotti, and C Marcocci

Introduction During the past 10–20 years several investigators have noticed that there are patients with elevated serum parathyroid hormone (PTH) levels associated with consistently normal serum calcium concentration and no other causes of secondary