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Jia Liu, Min Liu, Zhe Chen, Yumei Jia and Guang Wang

Introduction Autoimmune thyroiditis (AIT) is the most common autoimmune thyroid disease ( 1 , 2 ). Because of varying degree of thyroid destruction, AIT patients manifest with different thyroid function including euthyroidism, subclinical or

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Giorgio Radetti, Mariacarolina Salerno, Chiara Guzzetti, Marco Cappa, Andrea Corrias, Alessandra Cassio, Graziano Cesaretti, Roberto Gastaldi, Mario Rotondi, Fiorenzo Lupi, Antonio Fanolla, Giovanna Weber and Sandro Loche

Gastaldi R Einaudi S Baronio F Vigone MC Thyroid nodules and cancer in children and adolescents affected by autoimmune thyroiditis . Archives of Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine 2008 162 526 – 531 . ( doi:10.1001/archpedi.162

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Aaron Lerner, Patricia Jeremias and Torsten Matthias

disease and autoimmune thyroiditis The two diseases share multiple similarities and dissimilarities. Following are Tables 1 and 2 , summarizing the clinical pictures shared or unshared between CD, HT and Graves’ disease ( Table 1 ) and comparison of

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John E M Midgley, Rolf Larisch, Johannes W Dietrich and Rudolf Hoermann

, age, height, weight, smoking habits (75% answered), prior surgery or radioiodine treatment, thyroid medication (brand, dosage, duration, time of intake), other drugs, laboratory tests (FT 3 , FT 4 , TSH and, if autoimmune thyroiditis was suspected or

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Elin Kahlert, Martina Blaschke, Knut Brockmann, Clemens Freiberg, Onno E Janssen, Nikolaus Stahnke, Domenika Strik, Martin Merkel, Alexander Mann, Klaus-Peter Liesenkötter and Heide Siggelkow

monitoring involved echocardiography and cardiac MRI. Echocardiography was documented as having been performed in 102 patients and cardiac MRI in 22 patients ( Table 2 ). Autoimmune thyroiditis was diagnosed in 37% of the patients at a mean age of 18 ± 9

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Lia Ferreira, João Silva, Susana Garrido, Carlos Bello, Diana Oliveira, Hélder Simões, Isabel Paiva, Joana Guimarães, Marta Ferreira, Teresa Pereira, Rita Bettencourt-Silva, Ana Filipa Martins, Tiago Silva, Vera Fernandes, Maria Lopes Pereira and Adrenal Tumors Study Group of the Portuguese Society of Endocrinology

diagnosed with one or more associated autoimmune endocrinopathies. The most common of these were autoimmune thyroiditis (60.7%), type 1 diabetes mellitus (17.3%) and pernicious anaemia (6.7%), with 103 (68.7%) of the patients meeting the criteria for APS-2

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Suvanjaa Sivalingam, Marianne Thvilum, Thomas Heiberg Brix, Laszlo Hegedüs and Frans Brandt


Season of birth, an exogenous indicator of early life environment, has been linked with a higher risk of adverse health outcomes such as autoimmune thyroiditis, multiple sclerosis and schizophrenia later in life. Whether the development and cause of hyperthyroidism is influenced by season of birth is unclarified. We aimed, at a nationwide level, to investigate whether season of birth influences the risk of hyperthyroidism due to Graves’ disease (GD) and/or toxic nodular goitre (TNG).


Register-based nationwide cohort study. By record-linkage between Danish health registers, 36,087 and 20,537 patients with GD and TNG, respectively, were identified. Each case was matched with four controls without thyroid disease, according to age and sex. Differences in month of birth across the year were evaluated by the Walter–Elwood test. Hazard ratios, for the risk of GD and TNG in individuals born in a certain month or season of the year, were calculated using Cox regression models.


Neither for GD nor for TNG could we demonstrate a significant difference in birth rate across months or seasons of the year (Walter–Elwood’s test; X2 = 5.92 and X2 = 1.27, P = 0.052 and P = 0.53, respectively).


Irrespective of its cause, our findings do not support the hypothesis that season of birth is significantly related to the development of hyperthyroidism.

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L M Mongioì, R A Condorelli, S La Vignera and A E Calogero

hypertension Hydrocortisone 30 mg/day 20 2 M 35 Autoimmune adrenalitis None Prednisone 15 mg/day 32 3 F 56 Autoimmune adrenalitis Chronic autoimmune thyroiditis, premature ovarian failure (POF), vitamin D deficiency, empty

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Yun Hu, Na Li, Peng Jiang, Liang Cheng, Bo Ding, Xiao-Mei Liu, Ke He, Yun-Qing Zhu, Bing-li Liu, Xin Cao, Hong Zhou and Xiao-Ming Mao

(+)CD25(+)Foxp3(+) regulatory T cells are required for tolerance to experimental autoimmune thyroiditis induced by either exogenous or endogenous autoantigen . Journal of Autoimmunity 2009 33 68 – 76 . (

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Mírian Romitti, Vitor C Fabris, Patricia K Ziegelmann, Ana Luiza Maia and Poli Mara Spritzer

Daniels GH. Chronic autoimmune thyroiditis . New England Journal of Medicine 1996 335 99 – 107 . ( ) 10.1056/NEJM199607113350206 28 Cooper DS. Clinical practice. Subclinical hypothyroidism . New