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Masafumi Tetsuka and Misato Tanakadate

, 9 , 10 , 11 , 12 ). Recently, we have demonstrated that the bovine oocyte cumulus complex (COC) undergoing IVM expresses two types of glucocorticoid metabolizing enzymes, namely 11β-hydroxysteroid oxidoreductase type1 (HSD11B1) and type2 (HSD11B

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Janko Sattler, Jinwen Tu, Shihani Stoner, Jingbao Li, Frank Buttgereit, Markus J Seibel, Hong Zhou, and Mark S Cooper

, mice with transgenic deletion of Hsd11b1 , at least on some genetic backgrounds, show an increase in the circulating level of corticosterone ( 17 , 18 ). It is thus possible that the failure of the HPA axis to be activated in chronic arthritis could

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A Daniel Bird, Spencer Greatorex, David Reser, Gareth G Lavery, and Timothy J Cole

‘GXXXGXG’ nucleotide cofactor (NAD + /NADP + ) binding domain and an ‘YXXXK’ catalytic active site domain ( 4 ). 11βHSD1 and 11βHSD2 carry out largely opposing roles in the preceptor modification of corticosteroids. 11βHSD1, encoded by the HSD11B1 gene

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Jana Ernst, Katharina Gert, Frank Bernhard Kraus, Ulrike Elisabeth Rolle-Kampczyk, Martin Wabitsch, Faramarz Dehghani, and Kristina Schaedlich

) as housekeeping gene was determined for the following genes: AR , CYP11A1 , CYP17A1 , CYP19, ER#x03B1; , ERβ , GLUT4 , GPER , GR , HSD3B , HSD11B1 , HSD17B5 , PGR and StAR . The specifications of primers and amplicons are given in Table

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Xingyan Liu, Mei Xu, Min Qian, and Lindong Yang

Theoretical Biology 2013 332 52 – 64 . ( ) 13 Chua AK Azziz R Goodarzi MO . Association study of CYP17 and HSD11B1 in polycystic ovary syndrome utilizing comprehensive gene coverage . Molecular Human

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Yiyan Wang, Yaoyao Dong, Yinghui Fang, Yao Lv, Qiqi Zhu, Xiaoheng Li, Qingquan Lian, and Ren-Shan Ge

HSD11B1 and HSD11B2 ( 34 ), there is very limited information on placental HSD11B2 inhibitors. One HSD11B2 inhibitor is the metabolite of methoxychlor, 2-bis(p-hydroxyphenyl)-1,1,1-trichloroethane (HPTE) ( 35 ). In the present study, we presented

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Kylie D Rock, Brian Horman, Allison L Phillips, Susan L McRitchie, Scott Watson, Jocelin Deese-Spruill, Dereje Jima, Susan Sumner, Heather M Stapleton, and Heather B Patisaul

selectin P ( Selp ). Similarly, placental upregulation of both 11-β-hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase 1 and 2 ( Hsd11b1 and Hsd11b2 ), which are responsible for the inactivation of maternal cortisol ( 80 ), was observed in the high-dose group, providing