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Tao Mei, Jianhe Zhang, Liangfeng Wei, Xingfeng Qi, Yiming Ma, Xianhua Liu, Shaohua Chen, Songyuan Li, Jianwu Wu and Shousen Wang

human brain, neurons cannot synthesize or store glucose ( 4 ). Therefore, glucose uptake is necessary for the maintenance of neuronal function. Thus far, 14 members of the glucose transporter (GLUT) family have been discovered, of which GLUT1 and GLUT3

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Erika Urbano Lima, Ileana G S Rubio, Joaquim Custodio Da Silva, Ana Luiza Galrão, Danielle Pêssoa, Taise Cerqueira Oliveira, Fabiane Carrijo, Igor Silva Campos, Luciano Fonseca Espinheira, Luiz Jose Sampaio, Claudio Rogerio Lima, Janete Maria Cerutti and Helton Estrela Ramos

factor such as c-Fos, EGR1 and metabolism-related genes like GLUT3 ( 8 , 9 , 10 ). It is omnipresent in a large cluster of normal tissue, but less in malignant samples including choriocarcinoma, endometrial, lung and gastrointestinal (GI) cancers ( 8

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Flavia Letícia Martins Peçanha, Reinaldo Sousa dos Santos and Wagner Seixas da-Silva

Tamrakar AK Goulart-Silva F Serrano-Nascimento C Klip A Nunes MT . Triiodothyronine acutely stimulates glucose transport into L6 muscle cells without increasing surface GLUT4, GLUT1, or GLUT3 . Thyroid 22 747 – 754 . 2012 ( doi:10