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Keina Nishio, Akiko Tanabe, Risa Maruoka, Kiyoko Nakamura, Masaaki Takai, Tatsuharu Sekijima, Satoshi Tunetoh, Yoshito Terai and Masahide Ohmichi

after anticancer treatments in premenopausal women with estrogen independent malignancies. In addition, treatment with medications, such as calcium, vitamin D, bisphosphonates, and selective estrogen receptor modulators, as well as regular exercise are

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Dirk-Jan van Beek, Rachel S van Leeuwaarde, Carolina R C Pieterman, Menno R Vriens, Gerlof D Valk and the DutchMEN Study Group

mutation. Biochemical a Imaging a Surgery a Pathology a Medication a pHPT Calcium (ionized/total) PTHAlbumin25-OH vitamin D Conventional imaging: Neck ultrasound/CT/MRI (number of abnormalities) Functional imaging

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Elizabeth Micks, Greta B Raglan and Jay Schulkin

-reproductive functions, including immunomodulation, neuroprotection, and inhibition of cholesterol synthesis (17, 18, 19) . Progesterone is one of several hormones, including Vitamin D, aldosterone, and cortisol, which all compete for similar receptor sites in both

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Kusum Lata, Pinaki Dutta, Subbiah Sridhar, Minakshi Rohilla, Anand Srinivasan, G R V Prashad, Viral N Shah and Anil Bhansali

increased migration of cytotoxic natural killer cells which alter the immune and hormonal response of the uterus is up to 40% more common in women with thyroid autoimmunity. Vitamin D deficiency is also linked to infertility and pregnancy loss, suggesting a

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Angela Köninger, Philippos Edimiris, Laura Koch, Antje Enekwe, Claudia Lamina, Sabine Kasimir-Bauer, Rainer Kimmig and Hans Dieplinger

DB Mayer JP Wright SD Zukowski MM . Afamin is a new member of the albumin, α-fetoprotein, and vitamin D-binding protein gene family . Journal of Biological Chemistry 1994 269 18149 – 18154 . 17 Ferriman D Gallwey JD . Clinical

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Marianne C Astor, Kristian Løvås, Anette S B Wolff, Bjørn Nedrebø, Eirik Bratland, Jon Steen-Johnsen and Eystein S Husebye

resistant to calcium and vitamin D therapy, indicating HSH as the cause of death. Serum magnesium was not measured, and magnesium salts were not given. F3.1 was admitted to hospital at the age of 4 weeks with stiffness and opisthotonus. He received treatment

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Ann-Kristin Picke, Graeme Campbell, Nicola Napoli, Lorenz C Hofbauer and Martina Rauner

physical activity, lower vitamin D levels and higher risk of falls. In particular microvascular impairment, which may also affect the bone vasculature, and increased bone marrow adiposity ( 19 ) ( Fig. 1 ) may be key factors that contribute to skeletal

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Hamidreza Mani, Yogini Chudasama, Michelle Hadjiconstantinou, Danielle H Bodicoat, Charlotte Edwardson, Miles J Levy, Laura J Gray, Janette Barnett, Heather Daly, Trevor A Howlett, Kamlesh Khunti and Melanie J Davies

.169 SHBG (mmol/L) 51 47 −1.45 (−10.02, 7.12) 1.70 (−8.89, 12.30) 5.01 (−7.08, 17.10) 0.413 Testosterone (nmol/L) 49 47 0.10 (−0.20, 0.40) −0.002 (−0.20, 0.20) 0.01 (−0.34, 0.35) 0.968 Vitamin D (ng/mL) 51 47 12

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Diana-Alexandra Ertl, Andreas Gleiss, Katharina Schubert, Caroline Culen, Peer Hauck, Johannes Ott, Alois Gessl and Gabriele Haeusler

the recommendations provided in the literature. New diagnosed comorbidities and treatment recommendations ( l -Thyroxin, Vitamin D supplementation) were communicated personally during a second visit, in which we also offered immediate support for

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Karim Gariani, Pedro Marques-Vidal, Gérard Waeber, Peter Vollenweider and François R Jornayvaz

) 3899825 29 Marques-Vidal P Vollenweider P Guessous I Henry H Boulat O Waeber G Jornayvaz FR . Serum vitamin D concentrations are not associated with insulin resistance in Swiss adults . Journal of Nutrition 2015 145 . ( https