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C E Higham, A Olsson-Brown, P Carroll, T Cooksley, J Larkin, P Lorigan, D Morganstein, P J Trainer and the Society for Endocrinology Clinical Committee

causes of hypopituitarism, e.g. radiotherapy, surgery, pituitary adenoma, hypophysitis is well recognized as a cause of isolated ACTH deficiency that may present as acute cortisol deficiency and should be treated as described elsewhere in this document

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Dirk-Jan van Beek, Rachel S van Leeuwaarde, Carolina R C Pieterman, Menno R Vriens, Gerlof D Valk and the DutchMEN Study Group

), duodenopancreatic neuroendocrine tumors (dp-NETs) and/or pituitary adenomas. The prevalence for pHPT, dp-NETs and pituitary tumors are 87, 56 and 44%, respectively in the Dutch population ( 4 ). Other encountered neoplasms include adrenal tumors, neuroendocrine

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Pinaki Dutta, Bhuvanesh Mahendran, K Shrinivas Reddy, Jasmina Ahluwalia, Kim Vaiphei, Rakesh K Kochhar, Prakamya Gupta, Anand Srinivasan, Mahesh Prakash, Kanchan Kumar Mukherjee, Viral N Shah, Girish Parthan and Anil Bhansali

of radiotherapy increases in acromegaly patients (3) . The prevalence of GHD is higher in treated acromegaly patients as compared with patients with nonfunctioning pituitary adenomas treated with similar modalities (15% vs 5%) (4) . GHD in adulthood

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Ursula M M Costa, Carla R P Oliveira, Roberto Salvatori, José A S Barreto-Filho, Viviane C Campos, Francielle T Oliveira, Ivina E S Rocha, Joselina L M Oliveira, Wersley A Silva and Manuel H Aguiar-Oliveira

Burchell L Rajan B 2002 Cerebrovascular mortality in patients with pituitary adenoma . Clinical Endocrinology 57 713 – 717 . doi:10.1046/j.1365-2265.2002.01570.x . 8 Gaillard RC Mattsson AF Akerblad AC Bengtsson BA Cara J Feldt

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David P Sonne, Asger Lund, Jens Faber, Jens J Holst, Tina Vilsbøll and Filip K Knop

various human pituitary adenomas . European Journal of Endocrinology 2002 147 263 – 268 . ( doi:10.1530/eje.0.1470263 ). 27 Salvatore D Bartha T Harney JW Larsen PR . Molecular biological and biochemical characterization of the human type 2

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Charlotte Höybye, Erik Wahlström, Petra Tollet-Egnell and Gunnar Norstedt

Pituitary apoplexi M 59 3 −0.7 28.2 100 IGF1, insulin-like growth factor 1; NFPA, non-functioning pituitary adenomas; TBI, traumatic brain injury. Healthy controls At baseline, the patients with GHD were compared with ten age- and gender-matched healthy

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Lijin Ji, Na Yi, Qi Zhang, Shuo Zhang, Xiaoxia Liu, Hongli Shi and Bin Lu

. Diagnosis and treatment of pituitary adenomas: a review . JAMA 2017 317 516 – 524 . ( ) 28170483 10.1001/jama.2016.19699 4 Vilar L Naves LA Casulari LA Azevedo MF Albuquerque JL Serfaty FM Pinho Barbosa FR de

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Roxanne C S van Adrichem, Aart Jan van der Lely, Martin Huisman, Piet Kramer, Richard A Feelders, Patric J D Delhanty and Wouter W de Herder

Burrin JM Dahia PL Monson JP Honegger J Fahlbush R Trainer PJ Chew SL Expression of the growth hormone secretagogue receptor in pituitary adenomas and other neuroendocrine tumors . Journal of

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L M Mongioì, R A Condorelli, S La Vignera and A E Calogero

Vitiligo, non-secreting pituitary adenoma, vitamin D deficiency, chronic autoimmune thyroiditis, overweight Cortisone acetate 50 mg/day 30 6 M 59 Bilateral surrenectomy Hypogonadism, overweight Hydrocortisone 40 mg/day 32 7 M

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Lauren Bell, Ann Louise Hunter, Angelos Kyriacou, Annice Mukherjee and Akheel A Syed

gonadotrophin (hCG) ( 4 ), and TSH-producing pituitary adenomas. Graves’ disease, the commonest cause of hyperthyroidism, has an annual incidence of 20–50 per 100,000 population, a peak incidence between 30 and 50 years of age, and a lifetime risk of 3% for