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E T Aristizabal Prada and C J Auernhammer

many cancers including colorectal adenocarcinoma, resulting in constitutively active beta-catenin signalling ( 177 ). Loss of function in APC or Axin and beta-catenin gain of function mutations prevent its phosphorylation and/or degradation and lead to

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Alberto Bongiovanni, Federica Recine, Flavia Foca, Valentina Fausti, Nada Riva, Greta Fabbri, Stefano Severi, Chiara Liverani, Alessandro De Vita, Chiara Spadazzi, Giacomo Miserocchi, Laura Mercatali, Dino Amadori and Toni Ibrahim

. ( ) 11 Golfinopoulos V Pentheroudakis G Pavlidis N. Treatment of colorectal cancer in the elderly: a review of the literature . Cancer Treatment Reviews 2006 32 1 – 8 . (

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Wentao Zhou, Tiantao Kuang, Xu Han, Wenqi Chen, Xuefeng Xu, Wenhui Lou and Dansong Wang

-free survival (RFS) and overall survival (OS) in patients with resected digestive system malignancies, including gastric, colorectal, pancreatic and biliary tract cancers ( 6 , 7 , 8 , 9 ). Recently, some research suggested that inflammation markers could

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Rocío del Carmen Bravo-Miana, Ana Belén Della Vedova, Ana Lucía De Paul, María Mónica Remedi, María Laura Guantay, Mónica Beatriz Gilardoni, Claudia Gabriela Pellizas and Ana Carolina Donadio

described in EVs derived from multiple myeloma and breast cancer cell lines, as well as in EVs from plasma samples of multiple myeloma, metastatic breast cancer, colorectal carcinoma and other epithelial neoplasia patients ( 15 , 16 , 17 ). Thyroid

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Anne Jouinot, Juliane Lippert, Martin Fassnacht, Bruno de La Villeon, Amandine Septier, Mario Neou, Karine Perlemoine, Silke Appenzeller, Mathilde Sibony, Sébastien Gaujoux, Bertrand Dousset, Rossella Libe, Lionel Groussin, Cristina L Ronchi, Guillaume Assié and Jérôme Bertherat

-exome analysis of paired primary tumors and metastases in 136 colorectal, lung or breast cancer patients, almost all TP53 mutations (79/85, 93%) were fully clonal ( 35 ). In the TCGA ACC study, all 7 TP53 mutations occurred before whole-genome doubling ( 8

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Thomas Couronne, Paul Girot, Julien Hadoux, Thierry Lecomte, Alice Durand, Caroline Fine, Katia Vandevoorde, Catherine Lombard-Bohas and Thomas Walter

-differentiated neuroendocrine tumors . Clinical Colorectal Cancer 2010 9 248 – 254 . ( ) 16 Trikalinos NA Tan BR Amin M Liu J Govindan R Morgensztern D . Effect of metastatic site on survival in patients with

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Annette Mouritsen, Alexander Siegfried Busch, Lise Aksglaede, Ewa Rajpert-De Meyts and Anders Juul

some studies have observed associations between the deletion polymorphism of UGT2B17 with osteoporosis in males ( 2 ), prostate cancer ( 22 ), lower incidence of colorectal cancer in males ( 23 ), other studies observed no association with

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Irvin M Modlin, Harry Aslanian, Lisa Bodei, Ignat Drozdov and Mark Kidd

Introduction The National Cancer Institute (NCI) Neuroendocrine Tumor (NET) Summit conference proceedings of 2008 identified that a critical unmet need in the management of NET disease was the absence of a sensitive and specific set of tumor

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Jaafar Jaafar, Eugenio Fernandez, Heba Alwan and Jacques Philippe

such as advanced metastatic melanoma, colorectal cancer (CRC), renal cell carcinoma (RCC), NSCLC and castration-resistant prostate cancer ( 13 ). The role of this human IgG4 monoclonal antibody mAb has been largely proved as an immune checkpoint

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Mieke Van Hemelrijck, Thurkaa Shanmugalingam, Cecilia Bosco, Wahyu Wulaningsih and Sabine Rohrmann

the Physicians' Health Study, plasma samples of IGF1 for 14 915 men was assessed in relation to intake of low-fat milk or calcium from dairy food (29) . Despite their primary focus on colorectal cancer, Ma et al . found that low-fat milk was