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Mírian Romitti, Vitor C Fabris, Patricia K Ziegelmann, Ana Luiza Maia, and Poli Mara Spritzer

inflammation and autoimmunity in women with PCOS has been extensively discussed in recent years ( 16 ). Chronic low-grade inflammation might be a relevant connecting link between obesity and metabolic manifestations in PCOS ( 6 , 17 ). After detecting

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A Rouland, J-C Chauvet-Gelinier, A-L Sberna, E Crevisy, P Buffier, T Mouillot, J-M Petit, and B Vergès

be triggered by stress ( 19 , 31 ), we may hypothesize that individuals with Type A personality are more likely to develop auto-immune disorders. This is suggested by our data and it can be speculated that Type A personality and auto-immunity share

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Taís S Assmann, Mariana Recamonde-Mendoza, Bianca M De Souza, and Daisy Crispim

the infiltrating immune system. T1DM development is slow, providing a potentially long window of time in which it is possible to identify and theoretically treat individuals at risk ( 2 , 3 ). The first sign of autoimmunity against beta

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Thabiso R P Mofokeng, Salem A Beshyah, Fazleh Mahomed, Kwazi C Z Ndlovu, and Ian L Ross

), autoimmunity was the major cause across both regions and a predominant cause of PAI in the MENA area compared with SSA. The reported autoimmunity of 20% by the SSA cohort is much lower than was previously found in South Africa, which constituted 50% of the

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Mengxue Yang, Bowen Sun, Jianhui Li, Bo Yang, Jie Xu, Xue Zhou, Jie Yu, Xuan Zhang, Qun Zhang, Shan Zhou, and Xiaohua Sun

intestinal flora play active roles in metabolism, immune development and host defense against pathogens. In addition, these microorganisms participate in intestinal mucosal immunity and autoimmunity, function as key regulators of the immune system, play roles

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Yun Hu, Na Li, Peng Jiang, Liang Cheng, Bo Ding, Xiao-Mei Liu, Ke He, Yun-Qing Zhu, Bing-li Liu, Xin Cao, Hong Zhou, and Xiao-Ming Mao

MC Braverman LE . Thyroglobulin induced lymphocytic thyroiditis in two sublines of BB/Wor rats . Autoimmunity 1991 9 55 – 60 . ( ) 10.3109/08916939108997124 1669847 16 Allen EM Thupari JN

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Xuechao Jiang, Yonghui Wang, Xiaoying Li, Leqi He, Qian Yang, Wei Wang, Jun Liu, and Bingbing Zha

differentiation ( 9 , 10 ). There is emerging evidence that lncRNAs play crucial roles in immune regulation and autoimmunity. T lymphocytes, B lymphocytes, macrophages, dendritic cells, and NK cells all express lncRNAs, which have been shown to be involved in the

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Aleksandra Gilis-Januszewska, Łukasz Kluczyński, and Alicja Hubalewska-Dydejczyk

the third ventricle, whose inappropriate junctions may impact the hypothalamus function ( 37 ). In recent years, more attention has been put to the link between PTHP and autoimmunity. TBI may induce an inflammation in the nervous system ( 38 , 39

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Weiwei He, Bin Wang, Kaida Mu, Jing Zhang, Yanping Yang, Wei Yao, Sheli Li, and Jin-an Zhang

significant associations with dilated cardiomyopathy (DCM) ( 33 ), atrial fibrillation (AF) ( 33 ), allergic rhinitis ( 34 ), pre-eclampsia ( 35 ) and renal cell carcinoma (RCC) ( 36 ). Thyroid autoimmunity is frequently related to polyglandular endocrine

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Suvanjaa Sivalingam, Marianne Thvilum, Thomas Heiberg Brix, Laszlo Hegedüs, and Frans Brandt

mosaic of autoimmunity . Journal of Autoimmunity 2017 82 13 – 30 . ( ) 10.1016/j.jaut.2017.06.001 28624334 18 Krassas GE Tziomalos K Pontikides N Lewy H Laron Z. Seasonality of month of birth of