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Sebastião Freitas de Medeiros, Cinthia Marenza Ormond, Matheus Antônio Souto de Medeiros, Nayara de Souza Santos, Camila Regis Banhara and Márcia Marly Winck Yamamoto

previous knowledge that PCOS patients with insulin resistant have adipose dysfunction, despite the levels of androgens in blood. LAP, composed by WC and TG, used as an indicator of insulin resistance, has already been associated with increased BMI

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Chao Xu, Xiang-Fei Li, Hong-Yan Tian, Hua-Juan Shi, Ding-Dong Zhang, Kenneth Prudence Abasubong and Wen-Bin Liu

. Effect of resistance exercise under conditions of reduced blood insulin on AMPKα Ser485/491 inhibitory phosphorylation and AMPK pathway activation . American Journal of Physiology: Regulatory, Integrative and Comparative Physiology 2017 313 R110

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T Grimmichova, M Haluzik, K Vondra, P Matucha and M Hill

ultrasound-guided fine-needle aspiration ( 6 ). Finally, and the topic of our study, (8) type 2 diabetes (T2DM), obesity and insulin resistance (IR) in the framework of the worldwide epidemic of diabetes and obesity. In general, patients with diabetes have an

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V Kenan Çelik, Sercan Kapancık, Turgut Kaçan, Selen Baloglu Kaçan, Serkan Kapancık and Hasan Kılıçgün

, 24 ). According to our findings, decreased polyamine synthesis also affects spermine and spermidine concentrations; thus, a suspicion raises that it causes insulin resistance in type II diabetes as well. For this to be clear, there is a need for

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Eliana Piantanida, Daniela Gallo, Giovanni Veronesi, Eugenia Dozio, Eugenia Trotti, Adriana Lai, Silvia Ippolito, Jessica Sabatino, Maria Laura Tanda, Antonio Toniolo, Marco Ferrario and Luigi Bartalena

to calculate LDL cholesterol ( 37 ). FPG and insulin levels were used to calculate homeostatis model analysis of insulin resistance (HOMA-IR, normal value <2.5) and beta-cell function (HOMA-B, normal value <81.7). HOMA-IR was calculated according to

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Henri Honka, Jukka Koffert, Saila Kauhanen, Nobuyuki Kudomi, Saija Hurme, Andrea Mari, Andreas Lindqvist, Nils Wierup, Riitta Parkkola, Leif Groop and Pirjo Nuutila

assessment of insulin resistance; ISR, insulin secretion rate; OGIS, oral glucose insulin sensitivity index; VLDL-TAG, very-low density lipoprotein-triacylglycerol. Glucose, pancreatic and gut hormones during the mixed-meal test Incremental

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Benjamin Paul Green, Javier Thomas Gonzalez, Kevin Thomas, Emma Stevenson and Penny Louise Sheena Rumbold

) , glucagon (3) , insulin (4) , and leptin (5) , among others, represent several commonly measured metabolic variables documented as key effectors targeting energy intake and expenditure. Accurate quantification of these peptides is therefore essential when

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Malin Nylander, Signe Frøssing, Caroline Kistorp, Jens Faber and Sven O Skouby

and dyslipidemia, as well as insulin resistance ( 3 ). The abdominal obesity is characterized by a state of low-grade inflammation. Visceral adipose tissue secretes pro-inflammatory adipokines promoting an inflammatory state, contributing to

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Giorgio Radetti, Mariacarolina Salerno, Chiara Guzzetti, Marco Cappa, Andrea Corrias, Alessandra Cassio, Graziano Cesaretti, Roberto Gastaldi, Mario Rotondi, Fiorenzo Lupi, Antonio Fanolla, Giovanna Weber and Sandro Loche

clinical trials with l -T4 have shown no beneficial effect on the lipid profile in patients with subclinical hypothyroidism. Increased insulin resistance has also been described in some studies ( 19 , 20 , 21 ) but not in others ( 22 ). We believe that

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Ali Abbasi

they did not measure a specific biomarker ( n =1) or investigated a measure of insulin resistance as the main exposure ( n =4). The characteristics of the 28 studies are summarized in Table 1 .The studies were performed in different populations; most