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Juan Carlos Juárez-Cruz, Miriam Daniela Zuñiga-Eulogio, Monserrat Olea-Flores, Eduardo Castañeda-Saucedo, Miguel Ángel Mendoza-Catalán, Carlos Ortuño-Pineda, Ma Elena Moreno-Godínez, Sócrates Villegas-Comonfort, Teresita Padilla-Benavides and Napoleón Navarro-Tito

instance, epidemiological analyses performed by the World Cancer Research Fund and the American Institute for Cancer Research from data up to 2017 showed that being overweight or obese decreased the risk of premenopausal breast cancer ( 12 ). Meta-analysis

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Guoquan Zhu, Yuying Deng, Liqin Pan, Wei Ouyang, Huijuan Feng, Juqing Wu, Pan Chen, Jing Wang, Yanying Chen and Jiaxin Luo

commonly and more significantly associated with clinicopathological aggressiveness, and might form a novel genetic background defining cases of PTC having the worst clinicopathologic outcomes ( 9 , 11 ). A recent meta-analysis ( 29 ), which included 13

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Aleksandra Gilis-Januszewska, Łukasz Kluczyński and Alicja Hubalewska-Dydejczyk

. ( ) 6 Nguyen R Fiest KM McChesney J Kwon CS Jette N Frolkis AD Atta C Mah S Dhaliwal H Reid A , et al . The international incidence of traumatic brain injury: a systematic review and meta-analysis

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L Ahlkvist, K Brown and B Ahrén

obese subjects with both NGT (26) and IGT (27) , whereas another study reported normal GLP1 secretion in obese IGT subjects (28) . Although defects in GLP1 secretion have been reported in some type 2 diabetics (29) , a recent meta-analysis by Nauck

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Ranganathan R Rao, Harpal S Randeva, Sailesh Sankaranarayanan, Murthy Narashima, Matthias Möhlig, Hisham Mehanna and Martin O Weickert

nonvertebral fractures with oral vitamin D and dose dependency: a meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials . Archives of Internal Medicine 2009 169 551 – 561 . ( doi:10.1001/archinternmed.2008.600 ). 7 Bikle D . Nonclassic actions of vitamin D

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Eva Olga Melin, Jonatan Dereke, Maria Thunander and Magnus Hillman

:// ) 21789690 10.1007/s00125-011-2240-3 4 Wang B An X Shi X Zhang J. MANAGEMENT OF ENDOCRINE DISEASE: Suicide risk in patients with diabetes: a systematic review and meta-analysis . European Journal of Endocrinology

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Malachi J McKenna and Barbara F Murray

00298580 ). 54 Bidar SS Bours S Geusens P Van den Bergh J . The influence of vitamin D supplementation on mean changes in serum 25(OH)D: a meta-analysis . Journal of Bone and Mineral Research 2012 27 ( Suppl 1 ) S331 (Abstr) . 55 Autier P

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Kirsty G Pringle, Sarah J Delforce, Yu Wang, Katie A Ashton, Anthony Proietto, Geoffrey Otton, C Caroline Blackwell, Rodney J Scott and Eugenie R Lumbers

. ( doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0101502 ) 23 Liu DX Zhang YQ Hu B Zhang J Zhao Q. Association of AT1R polymorphism with hypertension risk: an update meta-analysis based on 28,952 subjects . Journal of the Renin

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Lang Qin, Xiaoming Zhu, Xiaoxia Liu, Meifang Zeng, Ran Tao, Yan Zhuang, Yiting Zhou, Zhaoyun Zhang, Yehong Yang, Yiming Li, Yongfei Wang and Hongying Ye

. The large Fenofibrate Intervention and Event Lowering in Diabetes (FIELD) study and the Brisighella Heart Study have found a small decrease in blood pressure with fibrates and statin ( 29 , 30 ). In a meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials of

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Natalie Rogowski-Lehmann, Aikaterini Geroula, Aleksander Prejbisz, Henri J L M Timmers, Felix Megerle, Mercedes Robledo, Martin Fassnacht, Stephanie M J Fliedner, Martin Reincke, Anthony Stell, Andrzej Januszewicz, Jacques W M Lenders, Graeme Eisenhofer and Felix Beuschlein

, chest pain, abdominal pain, tremor and weakness). In a recent meta-analysis on the – often retrospective – literature of PPGL-related signs and symptoms, no single clinical feature could be identified with a particular value in diagnosing or excluding