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Sheila Leone, Lucia Recinella, Annalisa Chiavaroli, Claudio Ferrante, Giustino Orlando, Michele Vacca, Roberto Salvatori, and Luigi Brunetti

-deficient Ames dwarf mice, GH receptor/GH binding protein-knockout (GHRKO) GH-resistant mice and GHRH-knockout (GHRHKO) mice show increased lifespan ( 7 , 8 ). Both Ames and GHRKO strains do not show altered behavioural, learning and memory parameters, but

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Josef Köhrle

) Endocrinology of the Nervous System and Behaviour; and (3) Endocrine-Disrupting Chemicals. The journal will now contain these three independent sections aiming to provide a home for the excellent work published in these fields. These sections will be championed

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Gavin P Vinson and Caroline H Brennan

partially underlie both the behavioural effects of CRH in male rats (44) and also the increase in CRH secretion under conditions of stress. This may not be true in other situations such as the increased HPA activity in adrenalectomized animals (45) . This

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Annelies van’t Westeinde, Leif Karlsson, Valeria Messina, Lena Wallensteen, Manuela Brösamle, Giorgio Dal Maso, Alessandro Lazzerini, Jette Kristensen, Diana Kwast, Lea Tschaidse, Matthias K Auer, Hanna F Nowotny, Luca Persani, Nicole Reisch, and Svetlana Lajic

cognitive and behavioural outcomes in DEX-treated children. However, we also cover other endpoints that have been assessed in DEX studies in the context of CAH pregnancies. Figure 2 Potential points of interference (left) and potential clinical

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Sakina Kherra, Wendy Forsyth Paterson, Filiz Mine Cizmecioglu, Jeremy Huw Jones, Mariam Kourime, Heba Hassan Elsedfy, Sameh Tawfik, Andreas Kyriakou, Mohamad Guftar Shaikh, and Malcolm David Cairns Donaldson

features include hypotonia, hyperphagic obesity, mild-to-moderate learning disability, major behaviour difficulties, impaired linear growth, and hypogonadism ( 4 , 5 , 6 ). Full independent living in adulthood is precluded by the behaviour difficulties

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Gareth Leng

dominated by electrophysiology and the study of information transmission by mapping neuroanatomical connectivity and by studying the spiking activity of neurones and its consequences for cognition and behaviour; endocrinology by the measurement of hormones

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Agnieszka Pazderska, Yaasir Mamoojee, Satish Artham, Margaret Miller, Stephen G Ball, Tim Cheetham, and Richard Quinton

-appropriate recapitulation of the normal tempo of puberty is long past. Overvalued concerns that testosterone therapy might precipitate acute behaviour change – aggression, hypersexuality or priapism – in older apubertal men are surprisingly common among physicians

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Klaudia Zajkowska, Janusz Kopczyński, Stanisław Góźdź, and Aldona Kowalska

encapsulated. The encapsulated variant of FVPTC (EFVPTC) may exhibit features of vascular or capsular invasion ( Fig. 1 ). Individual forms of FVPTC differ in molecular profile, clinical behaviour and prognosis ( 2 , 3 ). Evidence suggests that among different

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J Köhrle

endocrinology with intersecting hormone-related disciplines in the wider biomedical community . Therefore, we started to develop new topic sections such as ‘Endocrinology of Chronic Disease’, ‘Endocrinology of the Nervous System and Behaviour’ as well as

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Linfei Yang, Xiao Yu, and Yongchao Yang

and prostate cancer ( 15 , 16 , 17 , 18 ). The activation/phosphorylation of STAT3 is dependent on certain cytokines ( 19 ). One of these cytokines, IL-6, is suspected of mediating malignant behaviours in various cancers, including breast cancer