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Lianghui You, Yan Wang, Yao Gao, Xingyun Wang, Xianwei Cui, Yanyan Zhang, Lingxia Pang, Chenbo Ji, Xirong Guo, and Xia Chi

BAT development ( 20 ). Subsequently, miR-196a ( 21 ) and miR-203 ( 22 ) were identified to have the ability to induce brown abiogenesis from white fat progenitor cells and miR-378 was found to function as a key regulatory component underlying the

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Alessandro Ciresi, Stefano Radellini, Valentina Guarnotta, Maria Grazia Mineo, and Carla Giordano

GHD or multiple pituitary hormone deficiency or receiving other hormonal replacement treatment to avoid interference with the metabolic parameters evaluated. All children, including the older ones, were in the first stage of sexual development

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Hong-Fa Yan, Zhao-Yu Liu, Zhi-Ang Guan, and Chuang Guo

associated oxidative stress are linked to the development of obesity-associated metabolic disturbances, including T2DM ( 5 ), metabolic syndrome ( 6 ), central adiposity and cardiovascular disease ( 7 ). Iron has been shown to be accumulated in the liver and

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Stavroula Stavrou, Michael Gratz, Eileen Tremmel, Christina Kuhn, Simone Hofmann, Helene Heidegger, Mina Peryanova, Kerstin Hermelink, Stefan Hutter, Bettina Toth, Doris Mayr, Sven Mahner, Udo Jeschke, and Aurelia Vattai

maintenance of an euthyroid state is crucial for a healthy pregnancy ( 2 ). Thyroid hormones, which bind to the thyroid hormone receptor (THR), play an important role during trophoblast differentiation and the development of the foetal nervous system ( 3

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Arpna Sharma, Vijay Simha Baddela, Frank Becker, Dirk Dannenberger, Torsten Viergutz, and Jens Vanselow

dairy cows postpartum as well as their infiltration into the follicular fluid ( 5 ). Since granulosa cells (GC) are the most important somatic constituents of the ovarian follicle regulating follicle development along with the production of follicular

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Myrian Velasco, Rosa Isela Ortiz-Huidobro, Carlos Larqué, Yuriko Itzel Sánchez-Zamora, José Romo-Yáñez, and Marcia Hiriart

down-regulate the insulin pathway ( 19 ). Under conditions of nutrient overload, the increase in protein S6 kinase 1 (P70S6K1) levels in human visceral adipose tissue participates in the development of insulin resistance and inflammation ( 20 ). An

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Xuechao Jiang, Yonghui Wang, Xiaoying Li, Leqi He, Qian Yang, Wei Wang, Jun Liu, and Bingbing Zha

expression profiles of autoimmune B cells during GD development. Long noncoding RNAs (lncRNAs), defined as non-protein-coding transcripts longer than 200 nucleotides, have been primarily studied for their effects on development, cancer, and cell

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V G Pluimakers, M van Waas, C W N Looman, M P de Maat, R de Jonge, P Delhanty, M Huisman, F U S Mattace-Raso, M M van den Heuvel-Eibrink, and S J C M M Neggers

disease interact and cluster together as metabolic syndrome ( 6 , 7 , 8 ). In order to prevent the development of diabetes mellitus and cardiovascular disease, it is important to identify survivors at risk of developing (components of) MetS and to

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Aleksandra Gilis-Januszewska, Łukasz Kluczyński, and Alicja Hubalewska-Dydejczyk

after the inflicting trauma ( 5 ). The severity of brain injuries corresponds to the development of the observed deficiencies: PTHP was diagnosed in 16.8%, 10.9%, and 35.5% of patients with mild, moderate, and severe TBI, respectively ( 10 , 13

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Ursula M M Costa, Carla R P Oliveira, Roberto Salvatori, José A S Barreto-Filho, Viviane C Campos, Francielle T Oliveira, Ivina E S Rocha, Joselina L M Oliveira, Wersley A Silva, and Manuel H Aguiar-Oliveira

when CV risk factors are present (40, 41) . It is also possible that subjects with worse health status would not have volunteered. Other factors that may influence the development of atherosclerosis include environmental factors and dietary habits