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Nancy J Olsen, Ann L Benko, and William J Kovacs

development (9, 10) . AR is a ligand-activated transcription factor with a domain structure that includes ligand-binding, DNA-binding, and transcriptional activation domains – all of which are required for the full activity of the protein. Exon 1 of the

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Lilit Egshatyan, Daria Kashtanova, Anna Popenko, Olga Tkacheva, Alexander Tyakht, Dmitry Alexeev, Natalia Karamnova, Elena Kostryukova, Vladislav Babenko, Maria Vakhitova, and Sergey Boytsov

Introduction The epidemic of type 2 diabetes (T2D) gave rise to the numerous studies concerning the mechanisms of T2D. Different factors, associated with lifestyle, environment, and genetics and contributing to the development and progression of T2D

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Anastasia K Armeni, Konstantinos Assimakopoulos, Dimitra Marioli, Vassiliki Koika, Euthychia Michaelidou, Niki Mourtzi, Gregoris Iconomou, and Neoklis A Georgopoulos

oxytocin’s acute neuromodulatory effects, such as affiliative and sexual behaviors have been shown to establish a long-lasting pattern depending on the exposure pattern of oxytocin in early postnatal development and during puberty ( 14 ). Furthermore, it

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A H Ludwig-Slomczynska, S Borys, M T Seweryn, J Hohendorff, P Kapusta, B Kiec-Wilk, E Pitera, P P Wolkow, and M T Malecki

of several complement inhibitors, although few have been applied to clinical practice, with the majority undergoing development in the pre-clinical phases of trials ( 25 ). Of note, the recent study focusing on the safety of long-term C3 inhibitor

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Xiujuan Su, Yan Zhao, Zhijuan Cao, Yingying Yang, Tony Duan, and Jing Hua

normal foetal growth and development in childhood ( 1 , 2 , 3 ). This is particularly true in the first trimester when the foetus is entirely dependent on the transplacental passage of maternal thyroid hormones ( 4 , 5 ). The prevalence of thyroid

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Eva Olga Melin, Magnus Hillman, and Mona Landin-Olsson

with T1D was 35%, almost twice as high as in the non-diabetic population ( 2 ). Several factors might contribute to the development of hypertension, such as increased cortisol secretion ( 4 , 5 , 6 , 7 , 8 , 9 ), obesity ( 8 , 9 ), physical

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Dirk-Jan van Beek, Rachel S van Leeuwaarde, Carolina R C Pieterman, Menno R Vriens, Gerlof D Valk, and the DutchMEN Study Group

, which is characterized by the development of multiple endocrine tumors already at an early age, developing evidence-based guidelines is a challenge ( 3 ). Most patients suffer from the classical triad of primary hyperparathyroidism (pHPT

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Sara Ullsten, Sara Bohman, Marie E Oskarsson, K Peter R Nilsson, Gunilla T Westermark, and Per-Ola Carlsson

-perfused functionally active islets of hIAPP mice was associated with an imbalance in PC protein levels. This imbalance with the following incapacity of processing proIAPP to mature IAPP has previously been described to be of great importance for the development of

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David T Broome, Gauri B Gadre, Ehsan Fayazzadeh, James F Bena, and Christian Nasr

– follicular variant 1.5 No Bilateral Exudative Negative Thoracentesis Dead Respiratory failure due to acute effusion development Follicular thyroid carcinoma 5.5 Yes Bilateral N/A N/A No Dead Brain metastases leading to

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M I Stamou, P Varnavas, L Plummer, V Koika, and N A Georgopoulos

genetically enriched disease with ~37 genes being implicated in its pathophysiology ( 2 , 3 ). The genetic basis of disorders of sex development has been previously studied with a prevalence of genetic changes ~45% ( 4 , 5 ), whereas in the genetically