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Ahmet Uçar, Nurçin Saka, Firdevs Baş, Nihal Hatipoğlu, Rüveyde Bundak, and Feyza Darendeliler

) . Pubertal assessment was done by two pediatric endocrinologists (F Darendeliler and A Uçar) and development staged according to Tanner staging (18) . BW data were retrieved from medical records and they were converted to SDS using national data (19

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Anastasia P Athanasoulia-Kaspar, Kathrin H Popp, and Gunter Karl Stalla

Introduction Case report To emphasize the possible role of dopamine agonists in the development of impulse control disorders that could be potentially devastating for the patient’s life, we report a case of a giant-prolactinoma in a young

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Neil R Chappell, Beth Zhou, Amy K Schutt, William E Gibbons, and Chellakkan S Blesson

prenatal androgen administration affects oocyte mitochondrial structure and function. The critical window of oocyte development in a mouse begins around day 16–18 of in utero fetal development (the period which the DHT was administered in this model) and

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Mirjana Kocova, Vesna Janevska, and Violeta Anastasovska

expected stature, obesity, metabolic syndrome and infertility ( 1 , 2 , 4 ). Fertility problems in adult male patients with CAH have been attributed to the development of testicular adrenal rest tumors (TARTs) ( 3 , 4 , 5 ). The migration of adrenal

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Konstantin Yakimchuk, Chandrashekar Bangalore Revanna, Dan Huang, Jose Inzunza, and Sam Okret

Introduction Many physiological processes, such as reproduction, growth and development, are regulated by estrogens. Furthermore, disruption of estrogens signaling has been shown to be involved in a variety of adverse health effects in several

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Nicola Tufton, Lucy Shapiro, Anju Sahdev, Ajith V Kumar, Lee Martin, William M Drake, Scott A Akker, and Helen L Storr

development of a second tumour or metastatic disease. The median time from diagnosis of the first PPGL to the confirmation of the SDHB mutation was 15 years (range 0–34 years) in the index cases. Surveillance protocol Regular surveillance for SDH

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Susana Pastor, Abdelmounaim Akdi, Eddy R González, Juan Castell, Josefina Biarnés, Ricard Marcos, and Antonia Velázquez

, 12) . Polymorphic variations in the FOXE1 and NKX2-1 genes, both involved in thyroid function and development of the thyroid gland, have also been reported to be associated with the risk of thyroid cancer (10, 13, 14) . Furthermore, common

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Kylie D Rock, Brian Horman, Allison L Phillips, Susan L McRitchie, Scott Watson, Jocelin Deese-Spruill, Dereje Jima, Susan Sumner, Heather M Stapleton, and Heather B Patisaul

receptor (NR) that forms heterodimers with a variety of other NRs important for endocrine and metabolic regulation and fetal development ( 73 , 74 ). These include FXR and LXR, which play a role in lipid and cholesterol homeostasis and inflammation ( 75

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Taís S Assmann, Mariana Recamonde-Mendoza, Bianca M De Souza, and Daisy Crispim

the infiltrating immune system. T1DM development is slow, providing a potentially long window of time in which it is possible to identify and theoretically treat individuals at risk ( 2 , 3 ). The first sign of autoimmunity against beta

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Qiu-ming Yao, Bin Wang, Xiao-fei An, Jin-an Zhang, and Liumei Ding

AR knockout in mice promoted the development of obesity, which could further contribute to diabetes ( 58 ). Finally, abnormities in lipid metabolism are also involved in the pathogenesis of diabetes, which are associated with impaired insulin