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Prachi Bansal, Anurag Lila, Manjunath Goroshi, Swati Jadhav, Nilesh Lomte, Kunal Thakkar, Atul Goel, Abhidha Shah, Shilpa Sankhe, Naina Goel, Neelam Jaguste, Tushar Bandgar, and Nalini Shah

literature . Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism 2010 96 632 – 642 . ( doi:10.1210/jc.2010-1942 ) 3 Petersenn S Beckers A Ferone D Van Der Lely A Bollerslev J Boscaro M Brue T Bruzzi P Casanueva FF

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Emmanuelle Motte, Anya Rothenbuhler, Stephan Gaillard, Najiba Lahlou, Cécile Teinturier, Régis Coutant, and Agnès Linglart

. Trends in Endocrinology and Metabolism . 2007 18 167 – 174 . ( ) 5 Dias RP Kumaran A Chan LF Martin L Afshar F Matson M Plowman PN Monson JP Besser GM Grossman AB , et al . Diagnosis, management and

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Majunath R Goroshi, Swati S Jadhav, Anurag R Lila, Rajeev Kasaliwal, Shruti Khare, Chaitanya G Yerawar, Priya Hira, Uday Phadke, Hina Shah, Vikram R Lele, Gaurav Malhotra, Tushar Bandgar, and Nalini S Shah

Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism 2015 100 3231–3244 . ( doi:10.1210/JC.2015-1589 ) 3 Ilias I Torpy DJ Pacak K Mullen N Wesley RA Nieman LK. Cushing’s syndrome due to ectopic corticotropin secretion: twenty years

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Agnès Linglart, Martin Biosse-Duplan, Karine Briot, Catherine Chaussain, Laure Esterle, Séverine Guillaume-Czitrom, Peter Kamenicky, Jerome Nevoux, Dominique Prié, Anya Rothenbuhler, Philippe Wicart, and Pol Harvengt

function in human monocytes (3) , iron (4, 5) , glucose (6) and lipid metabolism (7, 8) . Table 1 Causes of hypophosphatemic rickets (HR). Gene Transmission Reference Main features HR sharing elevated FGF23 circulating levels and inappropriately low or

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Christian Høst, Anders Bojesen, Mogens Erlandsen, Kristian A Groth, Kurt Kristensen, Anne Grethe Jurik, Niels H Birkebæk, and Claus H Gravholt

-treated KS and controls ( Table 2 ). Discussion This study, to our knowledge, is the first randomized trial of testosterone and placebo in KS studying insulin sensitivity, metabolism, body composition, muscle strength and maximal oxygen uptake. The

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Renea A Taylor, Jennifer Lo, Natasha Ascui, and Matthew J Watt

, numerous metabolic, endocrine and inflammatory changes that occur with obesity might promote prostate cancer progression (13) . These include altered lipid metabolism and dyslipidemia, the development of pre-diabetes that is characterised by insulin

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Alessandra Gambineri and Carla Pelusi

the central nervous system, influencing the metabolism in a sexually dimorphic manner also at physiological levels ( 42 ). Androgens directly regulate the sympathetic nervous system output to white adipose tissue (WAT), and food intake, through the

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Benjamin Paul Green, Javier Thomas Gonzalez, Kevin Thomas, Emma Stevenson, and Penny Louise Sheena Rumbold

tract, pancreas, and adipose, act to influence the physiological mechanisms controlling energy regulation, eliciting divergent actions on feeding behaviour and metabolism (1) . In humans, hormonal peptides such as glucagon-like peptide-1 (GLP1) (2

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Juliane Léger, Anne Fjellestad-Paulsen, Anne Bargiacchi, Catherine Doyen, Emmanuel Ecosse, Jean-Claude Carel, and Marie-France Le Heuzey

glucose levels and glycated hemoglobin concentrations are not sufficient to diagnose abnormal glucose metabolism, and basal insulin and glucose tolerance testing would be the only appropriate methods for addressing this question. In conclusion, we report

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Dorte Glintborg, Hanne Mumm, Jens Juul Holst, and Marianne Andersen

D Andersen M. An update on the pathogenesis, inflammation, and metabolism in hirsutism and polycystic ovary syndrome . Gynecological Endocrinology 2010 4 281 – 296 . ( doi:10.3109/09513590903247873 ) 2 Rotterdam ESHRE