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Julie M Silverstein

not received optimal monitoring and follow-up care (21) . The lack of monitoring can have deleterious long-term consequences due to continued exposure to elevated levels of GH and IGF1. This review article will discuss current monitoring

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Luca Persani, Biagio Cangiano, and Marco Bonomi

The authors declare that there is no conflict of interest that could be perceived as prejudicing the impartiality of this review. Funding This work was partially funded by the Ricerca Corrente funds of the Istituto Auxologico Italiano IRCCS

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Manjunath Goroshi, Swati S Jadhav, Vijaya Sarathi, Anurag R Lila, Virendra A Patil, Ravikumar Shah, Priya Hira, Rajaram Sharma, Shettepppa Goroshi, Gwendolyn Fernandes, Amey Rojekar, Abhay Dalvi, Ganesh Bakshi, Gagan Prakash, Nalini S Shah, and Tushar R Bandgar

adrenal mass. Inclusion criteria were patients with available histological diagnosis of PCC or other non-benign adrenal mass having adequate reviewable imaging data comprising all four CECT phases that is UP, EAP, EVP and DVP. Final study cohort consisted

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Michaela Keuper

, and dysfunctional adipose mitochondria possibly promote WAT inflammation as well ( 129 ). This review, however, will focus on the effects of ATMΦ in controlling adipocyte mitochondria. Figure 4 Control of adipocyte energy metabolism. In the WAT

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Mubashir Mulla and Klaus-Martin Schulte

methods In designing this systematic review, we reviewed published work available from the NIH database PubMed ( ) and Thompson resource ‘ISI Web of Knowledge’ ( ). Accordingly, we included

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G Giuffrida, F Ferraù, R Laudicella, O R Cotta, E Messina, F Granata, F F Angileri, A Vento, A Alibrandi, S Baldari, and S Cannavò

effectiveness, safety and long-term outcome of PRRT in three patients (2 F, 1 M) with aggressive giant PT treated by our group, also reviewing the little data available in literature about this therapeutic option. Patients and methods Between 2009 and

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Jan Calissendorff and Henrik Falhammar

University Hospital, Stockholm, Sweden. All patients with an International Classification of Diseases version 10 (ICD-10), with a code of E050 (Graves’ thyrotoxicosis) and treated with iodine during 2005–2015 were included and all medical files were reviewed

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Marieke Stientje Velema, Aline de Nooijer, Ad R M M Hermus, Henri J L M Timmers, Jacques W M Lenders, Olga Husson, and Jaap Deinum

Radboud University Medical Center judged that no detailed review was warranted given the non-intrusive and non-experimental character of this study. We obtained written informed consent of all patients. Phase I This phase was aimed at compiling an

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Jordyn Silverstein, Wesley Kidder, Susan Fisher, Thomas A Hope, Samantha Maisel, Dianna Ng, Jessica Van Ziffle, Chloe E Atreya, and Katherine Van Loon

-partum period ( 15 , 16 , 17 ). A 1993 study examined 41 cases of pregnant women with metastatic CRC, reporting that the majority of cases (64%) originated in the rectum ( 9 ). A systematic review of 119 case reports of CRC diagnosed during pregnancy, compared

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Changjiao Yan, Meiling Huang, Xin Li, Ting Wang, and Rui Ling

. After institutional review board approval and informed patient consenting, we retrospectively collected detailed BRAF V600E and clinicopathologic data from institutional patient records. The epidemiological data and clinicopathological features were