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Katherine Van Loon, Li Zhang, Jennifer Keiser, Cendy Carrasco, Katherine Glass, Maria-Teresa Ramirez, Sarah Bobiak, Eric K Nakakura, Alan P Venook, Manisha H Shah, and Emily K Bergsland

(2) . Historically, bone metastases from NETs were considered to be extremely rare (3, 4) . As few as 50 case reports were identified in a recently published literature review on skeletal metastases from carcinoid tumors (5) . In a series of 145

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Matteo Scopel, Eugenio De Carlo, Francesca Bergamo, Sabina Murgioni, Riccardo Carandina, Anna Rita Cervino, Marta Burei, Federica Vianello, Vittorina Zagonel, Matteo Fassan, and Roberto Vettor

always been considered a rare and late event. To date, thanks to the improvement of therapies, which has lengthened the life expectancy of NET patients, and imaging techniques, in particular PET with 68 Ga-SSA, the amount of diagnosis of bone metastases

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Jiaxin Luo, Weili Yin, Qiuxia Lin, Juqing Wu, Pan Chen, Yuanna Ling, Jing Wang, Zhen Li, Liqin Pan, Yanying Chen, Wei Ouyang, and Huijuan Feng

detection and appropriate treatment might improve the survival rate and quality of life of patients with DTC bone metastases ( 10 ). However, there is no standardized treatment regimen for these patients. At present, the main treatment modalities include

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Emma Jernberg, Anders Bergh, and Pernilla Wikström

-V/ARwt heterodimers form in parallel and have the potential to regulate different sets of target genes ( 75 ). AR-Vs may transcribe canonically androgen-regulated genes or a unique subset of genes or possibly both. In clinical bone metastases, we found high AR-V7

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Joana Simões-Pereira, Daniel Macedo, and Maria João Bugalho

metastases (encephalic parenchyma involvement and/or leptomeningeal carcinomatosis) from this tumor were considered as inclusion criteria. Patients with coexisting malignant neoplasms and/or CNS involvement due to skull bone metastases were excluded from

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Kranti Khadilkar, Vijaya Sarathi, Rajeev Kasaliwal, Reshma Pandit, Manjunath Goroshi, Gaurav Malhotra, Abhay Dalvi, Ganesh Bakshi, Anil Bhansali, Rajesh Rajput, Vyankatesh Shivane, Anurag Lila, Tushar Bandgar, and Nalini S Shah

developed metachronous metastases after a median follow-up period of 17.5 months (range: 12–48 months). Synchronous metastases were common in bones, lungs and liver, whereas in patients with metachronous metastases, apart from bones, lungs and liver, five

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Keiko Ohkuwa, Kiminori Sugino, Mitsuji Nagahama, Wataru Kitagawa, Kenichi Matsuzu, Akifumi Suzuki, Chisato Tomoda, Kiyomi Hames, Junko Akaishi, Chie Masaki, and Koichi Ito

as bone metastases, appeared during the follow-up were not excluded, which might have affected the prognosis. Conclusion Among cases of lung metastases of differentiated thyroid carcinoma with RAI accumulation, those with high NLR at initial

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Athanasios D Anastasilakis, Marina Tsoli, Gregory Kaltsas, and Polyzois Makras

successfully used as a therapeutic and preventive treatment strategy in management of patients with bone metastases from various tumors ( 62 ). Their beneficial effect in LCH bone lesions was first reported in 1989 when clodronate was used to treat multifocal

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Qian Wang, Jiacheng Wang, Yunhui Xin, Ziyang He, Xiang Zhou, Xing Liu, Teng Zhao, Lihan He, Hong Shen, Mulan Jin, and Bojun Wei

, alkaline phosphatase; F, female; iPTH, intact parathyroid hormone; M, male; OP, operation; Y, year. A total of 6 patients with PC had distant metastases, including the 4 cases with lung metastases, 1 with bone metastases, and 1 with liver and lung

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David T Broome, Gauri B Gadre, Ehsan Fayazzadeh, James F Bena, and Christian Nasr

Centrality of lung metastases unknown 4 (2.8) ---- 4 (7.5) 2 (4.7) 2 (20.0) 0.16 d Visible metastases in bone 0.37 c 0.060 c  Yes 32 (22.4) 18 (20.0) 14 (26.4) 9 (20.9) 5 (50.0)  No 111 (77.6) 72