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L Ghataore, I Chakraborti, S J Aylwin, K-M Schulte, D Dworakowska, P Coskeran and N F Taylor

Introduction Mitotane (o,p'-DDD) plays an important role in adjuvant therapy of adrenocortical carcinoma (ACC) and in advanced stage disease (1) . This application was first reported in 1959 by Bergenstal et al . (2) , but mitotane has only been

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Anne Jouinot, Bernard Royer, Etienne Chatelut, Sotheara Moeung, Guillaume Assié, Audrey Thomas-Schoemann, Jérôme Bertherat, François Goldwasser and Benoit Blanchet

and the extreme rarity of the disease hampers the development of new drugs ( 2 ). The combination of mitotane and etoposide/doxorubicin/cisplatin (EDP) is now the standard treatment in advanced ACC ( 3 ). However, overall response rate (23%) and

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Emmanuelle Motte, Anya Rothenbuhler, Stephan Gaillard, Najiba Lahlou, Cécile Teinturier, Régis Coutant and Agnès Linglart

, 15 , 16 ), prompting physicians to use alternative therapies such as pituitary radiotherapy or adrenolytic agents. O,p’-dichlorodiphenyldichloroethane (mitotane, Lysodren 500 mg; HRA Pharma, Paris, France) is an adrenolytic drug with a direct

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Eric Seidel, Gudrun Walenda, Clemens Messerschmidt, Benedikt Obermayer, Mirko Peitzsch, Paal Wallace, Rohini Bahethi, Taekyeong Yoo, Murim Choi, Petra Schrade, Sebastian Bachmann, Gerhard Liebisch, Graeme Eisenhofer, Dieter Beule and Ute I Scholl

treatment option for ACCs. Although the majority of patients have resectable disease at presentation, up to 85% relapse after radical resection ( 3 ), leading to an overall poor prognosis. Mitotane, a by-product of the industrial production of the

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Deborah Cosentini, Salvatore Grisanti, Alberto Dalla Volta, Marta Laganà, Chiara Fiorentini, Paola Perotti, Sandra Sigala and Alfredo Berruti

mainstay of therapy. For patients with locally advanced or metastatic ACC, not amenable to surgery, mitotane and cytotoxic chemotherapy (with etoposide, doxorubicin and cisplatin – EDP scheme) are the systemic treatments currently in use ( 2 ). No

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Maria Cristina De Martino, Richard A Feelders, Claudia Pivonello, Chiara Simeoli, Fortuna Papa, Annamaria Colao, Rosario Pivonello and Leo J Hofland

6 days of treatment, the cells were harvested for DNA measurement In both H295 and SW13, the selected concentrations of sirolimus significantly inhibited cell proliferation Mitotane DNA measurement When mitotane was used at low concentrations

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M S Elston, V B Crawford, M Swarbrick, M S Dray, M Head and J V Conaglen

potential medical therapies to control hypercortisolism include mitotane, although the onset is slow, and mifepristone (not currently available in New Zealand) ( 10 ). Regular monitoring, both clinical and biochemical, is required to assess the efficacy of

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Monica F Stecchini, Zilda Braid, Candy B More, Davi C Aragon, Margaret Castro, Ayrton C Moreira and Sonir R Antonini

reflect the future tumor behavior and the patient’s outcome. Therefore, the term ‘ACT’ is preferred and represents the sum of adenomas and carcinomas ( 17 , 27 , 28 ). Open adrenalectomy is the treatment of choice, which may be complemented with mitotane

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Sofia S Pereira, Mariana P Monteiro, Sonir R Antonini and Duarte Pignatelli

xenographs (142) Annexin V-FITC apoptosis detection assay ACC cell line NCI-H295R Cholesterol free sHDL nanoparticles in combination with cisplatin, etoposide or mitotane efflux cholesterol inducer Annexin V-FITC apoptosis detection assay

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Weixi Wang, Rulai Han, Lei Ye, Jing Xie, Bei Tao, Fukang Sun, Ran Zhuo, Xi Chen, Xiaxing Deng, Cong Ye, Hongyan Zhao and Shu Wang

staging of ACC according to the European Network for the Study of Adrenal Tumors (ENSAT) classification was stage IV and the 5-year survival was only 18% ( 25 , 26 ). He received mitotane and succumbed to progressive disease 7 months after diagnosis. We