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Magnolia Ariza-Nieto, Joshua B Alley, Sanjay Samy, Laura Fitzgerald, Francoise Vermeylen, Michael L Shuler, and José O Alemán

, fasting plasma insulin; FPG, fasting plasma glucose; HbA1c, glycated hemoglobin; HDL-C, high-density lipoprotein cholesterol; HOMA-IR, insulin resistance by homeostatic model assessment; LDL-C, low-density lipoprotein cholesterol; tAdp, total fasting

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Aline Stangherlin Martins, Ann Kristine Jansen, Luiz Oswaldo Carneiro Rodrigues, Camila Maria Matos, Marcio Leandro Ribeiro Souza, Juliana Ferreira de Souza, Maria de Fátima Haueisen Sander Diniz, Sandhi Maria Barreto, Leonardo Mauricio Diniz, Nilton Alves de Rezende, and Vincent Michael Riccardi

previous studies (6, 8) . Both type 1 and type 2 DM contribute to development of VD (12) . Type 1 DM is associated with an inadequate availability of insulin and usually manifests in childhood, whereas type 2 DM is related to insulin resistance and

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Ling Zhou, Zhexin Ni, Wen Cheng, Jin Yu, Shuai Sun, Dongxia Zhai, Chaoqin Yu, and Zailong Cai

Introduction Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) is characterised by persistent anovulation, hyperandrogenism and insulin resistance (IR), involving a group of reproductive, endocrine and metabolic disorders. The pathophysiology of PCOS is

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Katarzyna Wyskida, Grzegorz Franik, Tomasz Wikarek, Aleksander Owczarek, Alham Delroba, Jerzy Chudek, Jerzy Sikora, and Magdalena Olszanecka-Glinianowicz

calculated according to the standard formula: HOMA-IR = fasting serum insulin (μIU/mL) × fasting glucose (mg/dL)/405. The cutoff value for insulin resistance was ≥2.5. The ELISA method was also used for measurements of plasma leptin (TECOmedical AG, Sissach

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Julia Kubiak, Per Medbøe Thorsby, Elena Kamycheva, and Rolf Jorde

parameters, while the rest showed no effects or even adverse outcomes ( 14 ). In a meta-analysis by Poolsup et al . including 10 trials, no effect of vitamin D on insulin resistance was found in subjects with pre-diabetes ( 15 ). And finally, in a study from

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A V Dreval, I V Trigolosova, I V Misnikova, Y A Kovalyova, R S Tishenina, I A Barsukov, A V Vinogradova, and B H R Wolffenbuttel

to IGF1, a recent paper reported that higher IGF1 levels were associated with more severe insulin resistance and hyperglycaemia (12) . In accordance with the data of Colao et al . (14) , the presence of DM was associated with a higher age and

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Barbara J Boucher

associated with obesity, immunity, the rates of many infections, cancers (e.g. breast and colorectal), and cancer mortality, with chronic disorders such as insulin resistance, metabolic syndrome (Syndrome X), type 2 diabetes (T2DM), acute cardiovascular

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Werner F Blum, Abdullah Alherbish, Afaf Alsagheir, Ahmed El Awwa, Walid Kaplan, Ekaterina Koledova, and Martin O Savage

Introduction The growth hormone (GH)–insulin-like growth factor (IGF)-I axis is the principle endocrine system regulating linear growth in children ( 1 ). Linked to the nutritional status of the individual, GH is a potent stimulator of IGF

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Sebastião Freitas de Medeiros, Cinthia Marenza Ormond, Matheus Antônio Souto de Medeiros, Nayara de Souza Santos, Camila Regis Banhara, and Márcia Marly Winck Yamamoto

previous knowledge that PCOS patients with insulin resistant have adipose dysfunction, despite the levels of androgens in blood. LAP, composed by WC and TG, used as an indicator of insulin resistance, has already been associated with increased BMI

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Chao Xu, Xiang-Fei Li, Hong-Yan Tian, Hua-Juan Shi, Ding-Dong Zhang, Kenneth Prudence Abasubong, and Wen-Bin Liu

. Effect of resistance exercise under conditions of reduced blood insulin on AMPKα Ser485/491 inhibitory phosphorylation and AMPK pathway activation . American Journal of Physiology: Regulatory, Integrative and Comparative Physiology 2017 313 R110