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Sirazum Choudhury, Tricia Tan, Katharine Lazarus, and Karim Meeran

.3389/fendo.2017.00070 ) 26 Plat L Leproult R L'Hermite-Baleriaux M Fery F Mockel J Polonsky KS Van Cauter E Metabolic effects of short-term elevations of plasma cortisol are more pronounced in the evening than in the morning . Journal of

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S C Clement, W E Visser, C A Lebbink, D Albano, H L Claahsen-van der Grinten, A Czarniecka, R P Dias, M P Dierselhuis, I Dzivite-Krisane, R Elisei, A Garcia-Burillo, L Izatt, C Kanaka-Gantenbein, H Krude, L Lamartina, K Lorenz, M Luster, R Navardauskaitė, M Negre Busó, K Newbold, R P Peeters, G Pellegriti, A Piccardo, A L Priego, A Redlich, L de Sanctis, M Sobrinho-Simões, A S P van Trotsenburg, F A Verburg, M Vriens, T P Links, S F Ahmed, and H M van Santen

primary malignancies ( 16 , 17 , 18 ). With current treatment strategies, the overall survival in pediatric patients with DTC is excellent. This excellent survival raises the question whether treatment may be given less ‘aggressively’ aiming to reduce

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Marra Jai Aghajani, Tao Yang, Ulf Schmitz, Alexander James, Charles Eugenio McCafferty, Paul de Souza, Navin Niles, and Tara L Roberts

nivolumab, patients with T-cell infiltrated tumours and higher EMT/stroma-related gene expression experienced lower response rates and shorter progression-free and overall survival ( 53 ). Future research is required to delineate the distinct roles of PD-L1

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Amir Bashkin, Eliran Yaakobi, Marina Nodelman, and Ohad Ronen

. Non-thyroidal illness syndrome and short-term survival in a hospitalised older population . Age and Ageing 2010 39 46 – 50 . ( ) 10.1093/ageing/afp197 14 Pantalone KM Nasr C. Approach to a low TSH level

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Eric Seidel, Gudrun Walenda, Clemens Messerschmidt, Benedikt Obermayer, Mirko Peitzsch, Paal Wallace, Rohini Bahethi, Taekyeong Yoo, Murim Choi, Petra Schrade, Sebastian Bachmann, Gerhard Liebisch, Graeme Eisenhofer, Dieter Beule, and Ute I Scholl

did not yield resistant cells ( 51 ). Prior studies have focused on the short-term response of H295R cells to mitotane, effects largely replicated in short-term treatment of control cells in our study. Our microarray data demonstrated downregulated

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Herjan J T Coelingh Bennink, Jan Krijgh, Jan F M Egberts, Maria Slootweg, Harm H E van Melick, Erik P M Roos, Diederik M Somford, Yvette Zimmerman, Iman J Schultz, Noel W Clarke, R Jeroen A van Moorselaar, and Frans M J Debruyne

are bisphosphonates, denosumab or selective estrogen receptor modulators (SERMs) ( 13 ). However, these compounds may have side effects. Both short-term (e.g. hypocalcemia or ocular inflammation) and long-term (e.g. osteonecrosis or atrial fibrillation

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Cecília Cristelo, Alexandra Machado, Bruno Sarmento, and Francisco Miguel Gama

paracrine signalling that enhances islet function and glucoregulation ( 102 ). Notably in in vivo studies, the treatment of BBdp rats with rCRAMP showed short-term (after a single administration) insulin release profile comparable to that of BB control

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Peter Wolf, Yvonne Winhofer, Martin Krššák, and Michael Krebs

. With regard to cardiac morphology, LV myocardial mass, wall thickness and LV end-diastolic volume was significantly greater in active acromegaly compared to healthy controls and significantly decreased tending towards normal values in a short-term

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Keiko Ohkuwa, Kiminori Sugino, Ryohei Katoh, Mitsuji Nagahama, Wataru Kitagawa, Kenichi Matsuzu, Akifumi Suzuki, Chisato Tomoda, Kiyomi Hames, Junko Akaishi, Chie Masaki, Kana Yoshioka, and Koichi Ito

suspicion of distant metastases ( 2 , 10 , 12 ). In contrast, on diagnostic imaging, findings of tumors on cervical ultrasonography ( 13 ), diagnoses of PC using tumor depth–width ratio ( 14 ), and expected results of PC using short-to-long axis ratio or

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Juliane Léger, Anne Fjellestad-Paulsen, Anne Bargiacchi, Catherine Doyen, Emmanuel Ecosse, Jean-Claude Carel, and Marie-France Le Heuzey

Hernandez M. Multiple endocrine abnormalities of the growth hormone and insulin-like growth factor axis in patients with anorexia nervosa: effect of short- and long-term weight recuperation . Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism 1997 82