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Martin Zweifel, Beat Thürlimann, Salome Riniker, Patrik Weder, Roger von Moos, Olivia Pagani, Martin Bigler, Karin M Rothgiesser, Christiane Pilop, Hanne Hawle, Peter Brauchli, Coya Tapia, Wolfgang Schoenfeld, Cristiana Sessa, and for the Swiss Group for Clinical Cancer Research (SAKK)

androgen receptor (AR) modulators (SARMs) rather than testosterone may be used to treat AR-positive BC. CR1447 (4-hydroxytestosterone (4-OHT)) is a steroidal small molecule with two distinct properties, acting as a steroidal aromatase inhibitor (AI) and

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Eva Novoa, Marcel Gärtner, and Christoph Henzen

large multicentre study comparing the efficacy of intratympanic vs systemic steroid therapy demonstrated the same level of hearing improvement between the two groups (9) . However, for the time being, there is no consensus regarding the dose and

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Veronica Kieffer, Kate Davies, Christine Gibson, Morag Middleton, Jean Munday, Shashana Shalet, Lisa Shepherd, and Phillip Yeoh

ovary syndrome. Competency 11 : Steroid replacement therapy for disorders of the pituitary and adrenal glands. Competency 12 : Thyroid disease. Competency 13 : Transition. Competency 1 Acromegaly. Competent Proficient Expert As competent plus As

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Stefan Riedl, Friedrich-Wilhelm Röhl, Walter Bonfig, Jürgen Brämswig, Annette Richter-Unruh, Susanne Fricke-Otto, Markus Bettendorf, Felix Riepe, Gernot Kriegshäuser, Eckhard Schönau, Gertrud Even, Berthold Hauffa, Helmuth-Günther Dörr, Reinhard W Holl, Klaus Mohnike, and the AQUAPE CAH Study Group

Introduction Congenital adrenal hyperplasia (CAH; incidence 1 in 10–15,000) due to 21-hydroxylase deficiency (21-OH) ( CYP21A2 ; OMIM 201910) is an autosomal recessive disorder resulting in a deficient production of the steroid hormones

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Robert I Menzies, Xin Zhao, Linda J Mullins, John J Mullins, Carolynn Cairns, Nicola Wrobel, Donald R Dunbar, Matthew A Bailey, and Christopher J Kenyon

, 5 ). As steroid hormones are synthesised on demand, the availability of intramitochondrial cholesterol initiates steroidogenesis by providing substrate for the first rate-limiting enzyme in the steroidogenic pathway ( 6 ). Long-term exposure to ACTH

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Chenjia Tang, Yanting Dong, Lusi Lu, and Nan Zhang

evidence-based researches were insufficient ( 3 ). Several studies have focused on the optimal doses of steroids ( 8 , 9 , 10 ). Some scholars have recommended an initial treatment with lower doses of prednisolone daily ( 8 , 9 ). One study has shown

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Lachlan Angus, Shalem Leemaqz, Olivia Ooi, Pauline Cundill, Nicholas Silberstein, Peter Locke, Jeffrey D Zajac, and Ada S Cheung

oestradiol as feminising gender-affirming hormone therapy ( 3 ). Goals of therapy are generally to increase serum oestradiol concentrations and lower serum total testosterone concentrations to achieve sex steroid concentrations in the female reference range

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Lauren R Cirrincione, Bridgit O Crews, Jane A Dickerson, Matthew D Krasowski, Jessica Rongitsch, Katherine L Imborek, Zil Goldstein, and Dina N Greene

Introduction Estradiol (17β-estradiol) is a natural sex steroid available in several exogenous preparations. The Endocrine Society recommended high-dose exogenous estradiol treatment as one part of feminizing hormone therapy for transgender

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Legh Wilkinson, Nicolette J D Verhoog, and Ann Louw

, 21 ) (e.g. BrdU incorporation lymphocyte steroid sensitivity assay (BLISS) and measuring the GC-responsive gene expression) are required to determine the GC responsiveness of specific tissues and/or cells. Although GC response can be determined, an

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Richard J Auchus

-0540 ) 4 Baggish AL Weiner RB Kanayama G Hudson JI Lu MT Hoffmann U Pope Jr HG . Cardiovascular toxicity of illicit anabolic-androgenic steroid use . Circulation 2017 135 1991 – 2002 . (