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Antonina Khoruzhenko, Françoise Miot, Claude Massart, Jacqueline Van Sande, Jacques Emile Dumont, Renaud Beauwens, and Alain Boom

/mL, streptomycin 50 µg/mL, amphotericin B 1 µg/mL, transferrin 5 µg/mL (Sigma Cat.# T8150), insulin 10 ng/mL (Sigma Cat.# I0516), potassium iodide 10 nM (Merck Cat.#.105044), glutathione 5 mg/L (Sigma Cat.# G4251), L-ascorbic acid 5 mg/L (Merck Cat.#.A4403), bovine

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Amit Kumar, Maria Ghosh, and Jubbin Jagan Jacob

performing the APST in the wards. References 1 Overwyk KJ Pfeiffer CM Storandt RJ Zhao L Zhang Z Campbell NRC Wiltz JL Merritt RK Cogswell ME . Serum sodium and potassium distribution and characteristics in the US population

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Lukas Engler, Christian Adolf, Daniel A Heinrich, Anna-Katharine Brem, Anna Riester, Anna Franke, Felix Beuschlein, Martin Reincke, Axel Steiger, and Heike Künzel

.765 Serum potassium (mmol/L) ( 3.5–5.0 mmol/L ) 3.5 (0.5) 3.4 (0.4) 3.6 (0.6) 0.317 Serum cortisol (µg/dL) ( 1.8–24.0 µg/dL ) 13 (4) 14 (4) 12 (4) 0.508 Serum aldosterone (ng/L) ( 40–310 ng/L ) 231 (184) 200 (138) 258 (222

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Liza Haqq, James McFarlane, Gudrun Dieberg, and Neil Smart

Guzick (19) , USA Low-calorie diet – 400 kcal of lean meat, fish or fowl and a liquid formula (Optifast) for occasional meals. Multivitamin, calcium and potassium supplement Walking with an energy expenditure of ∼1050 kJ/week initially, progressing to

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Chunliang Yang, Junyi Li, Fei Sun, Haifeng Zhou, Jia Yang, and Chao Yang

), voltage-gated sodium channel (Nav1.5), sodium hydrogen exchanger 1/3 (NHE1 and NHE3), sodium chloride cotransporter (NCC), sodium chloride potassium cotransporter 2 (NKCC2), Na + /K + -ATPase and type A natriuretic peptide receptor (NPR-A) ( 4 , 51 , 52

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Madalena von Hafe, João Sergio Neves, Catarina Vale, Marta Borges-Canha, and Adelino Leite-Moreira

reserves – perhaps leading to cardiac pump dysfunction ( 12 ). Nevertheless, this phenotype seems to be reversible with the appropriate therapy ( 13 ). T3 is able to modify the activity of sodium, potassium and calcium channels, altering a variety of

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Sara Ullsten, Sara Bohman, Marie E Oskarsson, K Peter R Nilsson, Gunilla T Westermark, and Per-Ola Carlsson

that an enhanced secretion may induce amyloid. In cultured islets, amyloid deposit formation is glucose dose dependent and high glucose concentrations stimulate the process ( 16 ). Other insulin and IAPP secretagogues agents like extendin-4, potassium

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Robert I Menzies, Xin Zhao, Linda J Mullins, John J Mullins, Carolynn Cairns, Nicola Wrobel, Donald R Dunbar, Matthew A Bailey, and Christopher J Kenyon

-Posada JC Areso P Villarroel A. Calmodulin regulates the trafficking of KCNQ2 potassium channels . FASEB Journal 2008 22 1135 – 1143 . ( doi:10.1096/fj.07-9712com ) 10.1096/fj.07-9712com 63 Wildner H Gierl MS Strehle M Pla P

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Monika Schaffner, Ursula Rochau, Nikolai Mühlberger, Annette Conrads-Frank, Vjollca Qerimi Rushaj, Gaby Sroczynski, Eftychia Koukkou, Betina Heinsbaek Thuesen, Henry Völzke, Wilhelm Oberaigner, and Uwe Siebert

Committee on Health Policy recommended the fortification of household salt with small amounts of potassium iodate as a safe and sustainable way to prevent iodine deficiency ( 8 ). However, the financial burden of iodine deficiency and the cost

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Jan Kvasnička, Ondřej Petrák, Tomáš Zelinka, Judita Klímová, Barbora Kološová, Květoslav Novák, David Michalský, Jiří Widimský Jr, and Robert Holaj

of Medicine, Charles University in Prague ( 24 ). Blood biochemistry, including sodium, potassium, urea, creatinine, total cholesterol, LDL, HDL, triglycerides and plasma glucose, was analysed using a multi-analyser (Modular SWA; Roche Diagnostics) in