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Ling Shan, Yingying Zhou, Shiqiao Peng, Xinyi Wang, Zhongyan Shan, and Weiping Teng

. Fertility and Sterility 2011 95 230.e231 – 237.e232 . 18 Evers S . Paracrine interactions of thyroid hormones and thyroid stimulation hormone in the female reproductive tract have an impact on female fertility . Frontiers in Endocrinology 2012

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Catarina I Gonçalves, José M Aragüés, Margarida Bastos, Luísa Barros, Nuno Vicente, Davide Carvalho, and Manuel C Lemos

Garmes HM Renk AC Fichna M Fichna P Arantes KA Costa EM Role of gonadotropin-releasing hormone receptor mutations in patients with a wide spectrum of pubertal delay . Fertility and Sterility 2014 102 838.e832 – 846.e832

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Stavroula A Paschou, Eleni Palioura, Dimitrios Ioannidis, Panagiotis Anagnostis, Argyro Panagiotakou, Vasiliki Loi, Georgios Karageorgos, Dimitrios G Goulis, and Andromachi Vryonidou

insulin resistance in patients with polycystic ovary syndrome . Fertility and Sterility 2009 91 1848 – 1852 . ( doi:10.1016/j.fertnstert.2008.02.101 ) 18439591 10.1016/j.fertnstert.2008.02.101 10 Carmina E Lobo RA. Prevalence and

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Adriano N Cury, Verônica T Meira, Osmar Monte, Marília Marone, Nilza M Scalissi, Cristiane Kochi, Luís E P Calliari, and Carlos A Longui

pregnancies (3/49 females) and abortions (1/3 pregnancies) did not allow us to draw a conclusion on the long-term safety with regard to fertility. Nevertheless, RAI therapy has no significant adverse effects on fertility rates or on the offspring of children

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Xingyan Liu, Mei Xu, Min Qian, and Lindong Yang

( 49 ). We hypothesized that CYP17 T/C gene polymorphism was causally correlated with PCOS and the subsequent change of metabolic disorder in PCOS, which indicates the CYP17 T/C gene polymorphism may be potential pharmaceutical targets in fertility

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David Mark Robertson, Chel Hee Lee, and Angela Baerwald

. Menopause 2014 21 1277 – 1286 . ( doi:10.1097/GME.0000000000000244 ) 5 Baerwald A Adams G Pierson R. A new model for ovarian follicular development during the human menstrual cycle . Fertility and Sterility 2003 80 116 – 122

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Tristan Avril, Quentin Hennocq, Anne-Sophie Lambert, Juliane Leger, Dominique Simon, Laetitia Martinerie, and Claire Bouvattier

cells, and perhaps, by extension, for future fertility ( 3 , 4 , 5 , 6 ). Anti-Müllerian hormone (AMH) and Inhibin B are reliable biomarkers reflecting Sertoli cells function, while testosterone is an index of Leydig cell activation. Boys with CHH

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Mírian Romitti, Vitor C Fabris, Patricia K Ziegelmann, Ana Luiza Maia, and Poli Mara Spritzer

MO. Genetic determinants of polycystic ovary syndrome: progress and future directions . Fertility and Sterility 2016 106 25 – 32 . ( ) 27179787 10.1016/j.fertnstert.2016.04.040 10 Goverde AJ

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Shilpa Lingaiah, Laure Morin-Papunen, Terhi Piltonen, Inger Sundström-Poromaa, Elisabet Stener-Victorin, and Juha S Tapanainen

Kolusari A Adali E Bugdayci G. Serum retinol-binding protein 4, leptin, and plasma asymmetric dimethylarginine levels in obese and nonobese young women with polycystic ovary syndrome . Fertility and Sterility 2011 96 246 – 250 . ( https

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Nicolás Crisosto, Bárbara Echiburú, Manuel Maliqueo, Marta Luchsinger, Pedro Rojas, Sergio Recabarren, and Teresa Sir-Petermann

daughters. Fertility and Sterility 2012 97 218 – 224 . ( doi:10.1016/j.fertnstert.2011.10.002 ) 22088206 10.1016/j.fertnstert.2011.10.002 14 Recabarren SE Sir-Petermann T Rios R Maliqueo M Echiburú B Smith R Rojas