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Tsuneo Ogawa and Adolfo J de Bold

ANF and its sensitivity to PTX (46) . An involvement of glucagon-like peptide-1 (GLP1) has recently been implicated in the regulation of ANF secretion from the heart. GLP1 is one of the incretin hormones secreted from endocrine cells located in the

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Zhandong Lei, Yunfei Chen, Jin Wang, Yan Zhang, Wenjuan Shi, Xuejiao Wang, Dehai Xing, Dongxue Li, and Xiangying Jiao

then diluted 1:4 and stored at −80°C until assay. For Mouse Bio-Plex Pro Assays, 25 μL of serum per sample was analyzed. The concentration levels of insulin, glucagon, glucagon-like peptide-1 (GLP1) and Leptin were measured using the Mouse Diabetes

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Monia Cito, Silvia Pellegrini, Lorenzo Piemonti, and Valeria Sordi

diabetic stress conditions, glucagon-producing α cells are important to maintain β cell health and function through GLP-1 secretion ( 40 , 41 ) suggesting an α-cell-mediated adaptive response to β-cell stress and injury. Collombat and colleagues

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Mônica R Gadelha, Feng Gu, Marcello D Bronstein, Thierry C Brue, Maria Fleseriu, Ilan Shimon, Aart J van der Lely, Shoba Ravichandran, Albert Kandra, Alberto M Pedroncelli, and Annamaria A L Colao

greater degree than glucagon, which results in increased glucose levels ( 19 ). Indeed, pasireotide has been shown to reduce secretion of insulin, glucagon, glucagon-like peptide 1 (GLP-1) and glucose-dependent insulinotropic peptide in healthy volunteers

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Clemens Kamrath, Alexander Eckert, Birgit Rami-Merhar, Sebastian Kummer, Martin Wabitsch, Katharina Laubner, Florian Kopp, Silvia Müther, Steffen Mühldorfer, and Reinhard W Holl

<0.001 ns  Glinides 0.1 2.8 4.0 2.4 <0.001 ns <0.001 ns  Sulfonylureas 0.4 9.6 4.0 2.4 ns ns ns ns  GLP-1 analogs 0.1 3.9 12.0 2.4 <0.001 ns 0.005 ns  DPP4 inhibitors 0.4 17

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Hui-qing Yuan, Jia-xi Miao, Jia-ping Xu, Su-xiang Zhu, Feng Xu, Xiao-hua Wang, Chun-hua Wang, Chao Yu, Xue-qin Wang, Jian-bin Su, and Dong-mei Zhang

peptidase-4 inhibitors (DPP-4Is), SGLT-2Is and glucagon-like peptide-1 receptor agonists (GLP-1RAs). Fasting venous blood samples were taken to detect biochemical indices, such as serum CysC levels, hepatic function index, creatinine, uric acid (UA), lipid

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Florian W Kiefer

activity. However, the effects were not sufficient to induce a loss of body weight or fat mass ( 59 ). In contrast, treatment with the antidiabetic agent liraglutide, which acts as an agonist at the glucagon-like peptide-1 (GLP-1) receptor results in

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Ruixin Hu, Yanting Yuan, Chaolong Liu, Ji Zhou, Lixia Ji, and Guohui Jiang

/11 signaling pathway ( 11 , 12 ), (ii) In endocrine L cells of colon, FFAR2 mediates the secretion of GLP-1 by coupling with the ligand SCFAs, which in turn promotes the proliferation of functional islet β-cells mass ( 13 , 14 ). Besides, SCFAs can

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David Koeckerling, Jeremy W Tomlinson, and Jeremy F Cobbold

greater, more sustained weight loss than other procedures with almost immediate, weight-independent effects on glycaemic control, insulin sensitivity and GLP-1 secretion ( 45 , 69 ). Sleeve gastrectomy produces less marked, but comparable, effects to Roux

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J Van Schaik, M Burghard, M H Lequin, E A van Maren, A M van Dijk, T Takken, L B Rehorst-Kleinlugtenbelt, B Bakker, L Meijer, E W Hoving, M Fiocco, A Y N Schouten-van Meeteren, W J E Tissing, and H M van Santen

GLP-1. Additionally, the disruption of autonomic function damages the biologic clock and therefore the circadian activity ( 13 ). Next to energy balance, the hypothalamus also plays an essential role in the body’s temperature regulation, thirst