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Ali Abbara, Sophie Clarke, Pei Chia Eng, James Milburn, Devavrata Joshi, Alexander N Comninos, Rozana Ramli, Amrish Mehta, Brynmor Jones, Florian Wernig, Ramesh Nair, Nigel Mendoza, Amir H Sam, Emma Hatfield, Karim Meeran, Waljit S Dhillo, and Niamh M Martin

. Three women presented after delivery (one caesarean-section and two had normal vaginal delivery), whilst four women presented in the third trimester, of whom two were pre-eclamptic. The role and relevance of dopamine agonists in pituitary apoplexy

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Yali Cheng, Qiaoying Lv, Bingying Xie, Bingyi Yang, Weiwei Shan, Chengcheng Ning, Bing Li, Liying Xie, Chao Gu, Xuezhen Luo, Xiaojun Chen, and Qin Zhu

Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee of Fudan University. Study design All mice received bilateral oophorectomy at 6–8 weeks after birth. Successful ovariectomy was confirmed by microscopic examination of a vaginal smear for ten consecutive days

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Rui-yi Tang, Rong Chen, Miao Ma, Shou-qing Lin, Yi-wen Zhang, and Ya-ping Wang

) 2.4 (2) –  Uterine septum 0.7 (1) 1.2 (1) –  Longitudinal vaginal septum 0.7 (1) – 1.8 (1)  Ovarian mature teratoma b 0.7 (1) 1.2 (1) –  Ovarian endometrial cyst c 0.7 (1) – 1.8 (1

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Lina S Silva-Bermudez, Freddy J K Toloza, Maria C Perez-Matos, Russell J de Souza, Laura Banfield, Andrea Vargas-Villanueva, and Carlos O Mendivil

C Mancini F Fabbri R Persico N Busacchi P Facchinetti F Venturoli S Polycystic ovary syndrome and cardiovascular risk in young patients treated with drospirenone-ethinylestradiol or contraceptive vaginal ring. A prospective, randomized

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Caio Jordão Teixeira, Junia Carolina Santos-Silva, Dailson Nogueira de Souza, Alex Rafacho, Gabriel Forato Anhe, and Silvana Bordin

with one male for 3 days. The concomitant presence of spermatozoa and estrous cells in a vaginal lavage indicated day 0 of gestation. Pregnant rats were isolated until the last day of lactation. Age-matched virgin females were maintained in the same

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Clarissa Souza Barthem, Camila Lüdke Rossetti, Denise P Carvalho, and Wagner Seixas da-Silva

ovariectomy ( 7 , 46 ). Vaginal smears showed that the OVX and OVX + M rats were in a constant diestrous phase (data not shown), and uterus mass was hypotrophic in these two groups, demonstrating a low estradiol effect. The dose of 17β-estradiol administered

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Stavroula Stavrou, Michael Gratz, Eileen Tremmel, Christina Kuhn, Simone Hofmann, Helene Heidegger, Mina Peryanova, Kerstin Hermelink, Stefan Hutter, Bettina Toth, Doris Mayr, Sven Mahner, Udo Jeschke, and Aurelia Vattai

. All women had a normal first trimester vaginal swab. Ethical approval and informed consent All procedures that involved human participants were in accordance with the ethical standards of the institutional and/or national research committee and

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M Axelstad, U Hass, M Scholze, S Christiansen, A Kortenkamp, and J Boberg

animal housing and test substance exposure is presented by Axelstad and coworkers ( 5 ). In summary, 156 time-mated nulliparous, young adult Wistar rats (HanTac:WH) were supplied at gestation day (GD) 3 of pregnancy. The day when a vaginal plug was

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L A Hughes, K McKay-Bounford, E A Webb, P Dasani, S Clokie, H Chandran, L McCarthy, Z Mohamed, J M W Kirk, N P Krone, S Allen, and T R P Cole

Normal a 38 XX F Premature ovarian failure CYP11B1 c.1451T>A p.(Val484Asp) V Normal a A molecular diagnosis has not been confirmed 39 XY F Clitoromegaly, no vaginal opening AR c.1174C>T p.(Pro392Ser) V Pathogenicity of

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Sebastião Freitas de Medeiros, Márcia Marly Winck Yamamoto, Matheus Antônio Souto de Medeiros, Bruna Barcelo Barbosa, José Maria Soares Junior, and Edmund Chada Baracat

morphology was examined by ultrasonography, using a vaginal transducer with a frequency of 5-8 MHz (Toshiba Xario SSA-660A, Toshiba Medical do Brazil LTDA, Taboão da Serra, SP, Brazil or Voluson ® E8, GE Health Care, United Kingdom). Antral follicle count