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Jairo Arturo Pinzón-Cortés, Angelina Perna-Chaux, Nicolás Steven Rojas-Villamizar, Angélica Díaz-Basabe, Diana Carolina Polanía-Villanueva, María Fernanda Jácome, Carlos Olimpo Mendivil, Helena Groot, and Valeriano López-Segura

development of chronic complications with a high burden of morbidity and mortality ( 1 ). The chronic complications of T2DM are numerous and include atherosclerotic diseases (coronary artery disease, atherosclerotic cerebrovascular disease and peripheral

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Katica Bajuk Studen and Marija Pfeifer

-Macut J Čivčić M Erceg S Vojnović Milutinović D Stanojlović O Andrić Z Kastratović-Kotlica B , et al . Predictors of subclinical cardiovascular disease in women with polycystic ovary syndrome: interrelationship of dyslipidemia and arterial blood pressure

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Nicolai Preisler, Pascal Laforêt, Karen Lindhardt Madsen, Edith Husu, Christoffer Rasmus Vissing, Gitte Hedermann, Henrik Galbo, Christopher Lindberg, and John Vissing

Introduction Pompe disease (Glycogenosis type II; OMIM #232300) is caused by lysosomal acid alpha-glucosidase deficiency (EC#, which leads to a metabolic block in intra-lysosomal glycogen breakdown ( 1 ). In the late-onset forms of

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Zeeshan Javed, Maria Papageorgiou, Leigh A Madden, Alan S Rigby, Eric S Kilpatrick, Stephen L Atkin, and Thozhukat Sathyapalan

peripheral arterial tonometry (Endo-PAT) in PCOS ( 5 , 6 , 7 ). Treatments that enhance endothelial function can potentially delay the progression of atherosclerosis and, ultimately, lessen the risk of future CV events ( 8 ). Endothelial microparticles

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David Koeckerling, Jeremy W Tomlinson, and Jeremy F Cobbold

). Epidemiological evidence links NAFLD to cerebrovascular, coronary and peripheral vascular disease, as well as to subclinical artery intima-media thickness and arterial wall stiffness ( 20 ). NAFLD is also closely associated with chronic kidney disease and early

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Nancy J Olsen, Ann L Benko, and William J Kovacs

Introduction Androgenic gonadal steroid hormones exert effects on both human autoimmune disease and the corresponding animal models. In an experimental mouse model of human systemic lupus erythematosus, females acquire fatal renal disease while

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Ladan Younesi, Zeinab Safarpour Lima, Azadeh Akbari Sene, Zahra Hosseini Jebelli, and Ghazaleh Amjad

many of these women are still at risk of developing cardiovascular disease ( 8 ), due to many factors such as obesity, insulin resistance, high blood pressure and fat ( 9 ), where a 7.4-fold increase in their mortality was estimated ( 10 ). In

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Gunjan Garg, Garima Kachhawa, Rekha Ramot, Rajesh Khadgawat, Nikhil Tandon, V Sreenivas, Alka Kriplani, and N Gupta

D Cífková R Fanta M Poledne R Zivny J Skibová J . Increased risk of non-insulin dependent diabetes mellitus, arterial hypertension and coronary artery disease in perimenopausal women with a history of the polycystic ovary syndrome . Human

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Sahar Hossam El Hini, Yehia Zakaria Mahmoud, Ahmed Abdelfadel Saedii, Sayed Shehata Mahmoud, Mohamed Ahmed Amin, Shereen Riad Mahmoud, and Ragaa Abdelshaheed Matta

unclear. ANGPTL8 was correlated with increased CIMT in type 2 diabetes mellitus (T2DM) patients but not among metabolic syndrome patients in the multivariate analysis ( 32 , 33 ). ANGPTL8 is related to advanced peripheral arterial atherosclerosis and

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Madalena von Hafe, João Sergio Neves, Catarina Vale, Marta Borges-Canha, and Adelino Leite-Moreira

approach in coronary artery disease. The use of levothyroxine requires the preservation of peripheral deiodinase activity to convert T4 into the active hormone T3. Administration of T3 may be a better option in patients with impaired conversion, based on